I'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Another movie written by Daniel Waters, writer of Heathers and Sex & Death 101. This was your typical “summer camp” movie, and probably the worst move solely written by Daniel Waters. This definitely does not measure up to Heathers and Sex & Death 101. It’s a teenage summer camp story, so it’s on the “lite” side of entertainment. It’s not meant ot be profound. I still liked it.

CONCLUSION: This was a great way to re-experience teenage angst without the acne. I have a love for camping, but got screwed out of camping as a kid. My Boy Scout troop only camped twice in like 2 years… and then we dissolved. Slackers. One was a Jamboree with 100s (1000+?) of people camping at Quantico Military Base. It was one of the most fun experiences of my childhood. Other than that? I was left wanting for years, until 2001 or so when I started camping regularly. So: I had a desire to camp more as a kid, and this movie let me live out the summer camp fantasy … Something that I will never get the chance to live firsthand. And that chick named Pixel in the movie was really cool. Her and that other girl should have made out more… (Oh, NOW you’re interested?)

RECOMMENDATION: If a non-profound teenage summer camp movie doesn’t already scare you away, you might like this. Daniel Waters is a good writer, and while this is not his best work, I have a feeling it is better than some other summer camp movies out there. I’d give it 3 stars on netflix. Maybe 6.75/10 on IMDB (I think Carolyn said 6).

MOVIE QUOTE: Pixel: “Actually, causing pain is about the coolest thing you can do — but cool isn’t what it used to be. ”
MOVIE QUOTE: Oberon: “Nobody tells you how to be an adult. You just keep getting older anyway.”
MOVIE QUOTE: Adam: “Hey, have you ever had a pussy wrapped completely around your head?” “No.” “Then what are you… a butthole baby?… haha butthole baby.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj gave it 4 stars on Netflix.
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