movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] A horror flick, told in 3 parts (but ONE story), about an “evil signal” that makes people murderous via synaptic disruption. To me, this makes it a “zombie movie”, but with smater-than-usual zombies. The infection is done via a means much like In The Mouth Of Madness, and the feel reminds me a lot of 28 Days Later (urban zombie survival) combined with Cloverfield (realistic feel, lovers trying to reunite during what is essentially an apocalypse). And, just to keep you on the toes, the beginning 5 minutes play like Grindhouse for some reason.

QUIRKS: The catch is — infection is cumulative, so you can’t tell if someone is “crazy” (infected/zombie) by looking at them. Or even speaking with them, in some cases. This makes things a lot harder. Do you indicriminately kill everyone you see? Also: I wasn’t really familiar with any of the actors in this movie, which added to the “realistic” feel. Also, I thought it was cool how ‘the signal’ itself pushed the limits of the xvid codec. The signal itself does not compress very well–that implies it carries a lot of information. :)

BAD STUFF: Why oh why would anybody wear headphones during a zombie attack? That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

CONCLUSION: OMG! As far as horror movies go, this is at least a 9! Horror movies aren’t that profound, though, and as a film overall I would give it an 8 on IMDB, and 4 stars on Netflix.

RECOMMENDATION: If you watch 2 horror movies this year, watch Cloverfield and The Signal.

MOVIE QUOTE: Clark: “This is without a doubt the most fucked up day in the history of mankind. We should go back inside.” Anna: [cheerful, despite just killing her boyfriend] “Who wants cocktails?”

Music: Chemlab – Mega Hurts / suture (Acucrack Ver.)