We started keeping our watching lists long before we started blogging them. Periodically, I will post an old, un-posted watching list. Here are all the shows we watched in 2003. Yes, this is a tad late. :)

** Specials:

Married With Children Reunion Special (2003) (not much of a special really, but awesome to see everyone. And seeing Marcy dressed in her leather dyke clothes was awesome, even if only for 2-3 seconds.)

** Sitcom:

Andy Richter Controls The Universe (all) (surprisingly good!!)
Friends (all) (surprisingly dull this year except the shark episode, which was the best in a long time)
Mad TV: Best Of Season 1 (the crappiest crap EVER – no wonder we never watched this show … Even the best is NOT REALLY FUNNY.)
Malcolm In The Middle (all – hate to admit I love this show, but I do)
That 70’s Show (all)
Just Shoot Me (2 episodes when That 70’s Show was a rerun… We sort of abandoned this show 5/6ths through due to triple-network conflict. Never will such logistics ever control our watching habits again; we don’t watch tv live anymore, as of 2008 when I am posting this list.)

** Sitcom reruns:

Ben Stiller Show: #1 (1991ish…Janine Garofalo, Andy Dick, Bob Odenkirk…a decent good show — will watch the rest some time)
Larry Sanders Show (Bravo re-runs.. haven’t seen half the series before.. problem is, we don’t know which episodes we’ve seen, and which we haven’t)
News Radio: #17,22-32,34-42,45,47,50-3,58-60,64-8,72,74,76-87,89,91-7 (this show was a LOT better when viewed rapid-fire rather than once-a-week. It’s another “Must See TV” show that aged well over the years, and seeing Phil Hartman is treat as usual)
Young Ones,The: #2(Oil) (great show! every episode is brilliant!)

** Anime:

Hellsing: #1-13 (better than Noir or X, this actually held our attention. However, as usual, the ending does not provide enough closure or explanation, leaving the viewer wanting)
Noir: #1-26 (slowest anime ever, only got interesting around #13 and only REALLY got into it in the #20s. Better ending than usual but still could have been a bit better in the ending. Like the theme songs…)
X: #00-24 (decent, but typical anime with over-characterization and a cop-out ending. Love the opening song though! “Kimi waaaaa… Starlight!”)

** Animated shows:

3-South (MTV):#1-3,5-10 (one of the worst…)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (awesome!)
Brak Show, The (all) (not the greatest…still funny)
Clone High (all) (GREAT show that most people missed!)
Cow & Chicken: #3A,10,11A,12B (unwholesomely weird)
Cowboy Bebop: #27 (the unreleased episode)
Critic, The: Shockwave Season (10 5-minute official shorts years after the show’s cancellation… Nice to have a revival of a dead show. Never normally happens!)
Dexter’s Lab (a few new episodes this year)
Downtown: #1-6 (MTV series, very rare. Trippy, impressionistic, yet somewhat “hip” at the same time. Finally self-released on dvd by Chris Prynoski, the animator, in 2007 — VERY limited edition.)  Read my review of Downtown here.
Futurama (all) (wish there were more… alas, it’s finally over… or so I thought in 2003.)
Grim & Evil (all) (much better now that Evil Con Carne subcartoon has been spun off into its own show… one episode was even a Voltaire song! WHOA!!!!!!)
He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe (all) (new 2002 re-done series, VERY superior to 1980s version… This is the cartoon that SHOULD have been in the 1980s, but 1980s animation really sucks.)
Incredible Hulk (1990s): #10-21 – another good 90’s marvel cartoon
Invader Zim: #19A,20B,Pilot – THE funniest cartoon to ever hit Nickelodeon. And yes, that includes Ren & Stimpy.
Jackie Chan Adventures: #52-63 – still haven’t seen the very last episodes, damnit!
Justice League: #14-15 – great, modern superhero series.
Kevin Spencer: #69-71,73, many others (Season 5) – The funniest cartoon out of all of Canada, this is basically Beavis & Butt-head meets South Park. The main character is a chainsmoking alcoholic sociopath who never speaks (The narrator speaks for him, afterschool-special style). And in Canada, you can say FUCK on tv all you want — this series is a great testament to the comedic value of white trash.
King Of The Hill (all)
Mission Hill: Happy Birthday, Kevin (saw the rest last year, good Canadien show… was later picked up by AdultSwim and aired in America, years after we saw it)
PowerPuff Girls, The (a few new episodes this year)
Ripping Friends, The (all) (from the makers of Ren & Stimpy.. unique/strange yet mediocre in comparison. Still, good for anyone who is a fan of that style of animation and unsettling humor)
SeaLab 2021 (all) (hilarious!!!!)
Samurai Jack (all) – best action/fights in any cartoon. Ever.
Simpsons (all)
Spicy City: #1-2 – Ralph Bakshi’s HBO series – we re-watched some episodes
Spider-Man (MTV 2003) (1-9) — we’re still meaning to finish this. This was a cgi spider-man cartoon; but rendered in a way to make it look like a 2-d “normal” cartoon. Some anime movies that used this technique include Vexille and Appleseed Ex Machina.
Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (1980s): #101 – the old Spider-man, fun for a campy laugh. Carolyn used to have a crush on Firestar.
South Park (all) (not nearly enough.. the Lord Of The Rings episode was excellent.. this show is still going strong despite what the naysayers and fickle-folks think)
Space Ghost Coast To Coast (1 whole new episode this year… This was the show that STARTED it all. AdultSwim show #1! In 1995, it was Simpsons, Space Ghost Coast To Coast, and Duckman. That was it!)
X-Men Evolution (all — great that they did another X-men series so soon after the 1990s one)
Zeta Project,The: #24 – a Batman Beyond spin-off, we FINALLY got to see the last episode

** Live-Action Dramatic / Action:

24 (all) (THE BEST THING ON TV THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Birds Of Prey (didn’t last long…wasn’t the greatest anyway)
Butch Patterson Show:#15 (Canadien detective sitcom, starring Kevin Spencer-related people…should watch more of these sometime. Roadies_Hut, please come back.)
Firefly (all + pilot) (didn’t last long…still well-remembered. This was a great series, and one of the few sci-fi series that we would bother to watch)
Six Feet Under: Season 3 + Season 1 DVD Extras incl deleted crystal meth scene from ep #1 (best real-life drama on TV)
Smallville (all + Making Of Smallville U.K. special – this show is kicking ass)

** Reality TV:

Osbournes, The (all) (uncensored encodes from Canada are much easier on the ears…)
Blind Date (watched sometimes while falling asleep)
Elimi-Date (watched sometimes while falling asleep)
Anna Nicole Smith Show: #8 (she is a terrible, terrible person…This show makes Ozzy Osbourne look like Mother Theresa)

** MISC:

some Weird Al Yankovich videos
tons of short clips downloaded from the internet … shit-tons

** Talkshow:

Jerry Springer Uncut – Wild & Outrageous – Vol 1 (uncensored white trash)


Teen Titans: #1 (terrible, never again! Most annoying theme song EEEEVVVVVVEEEERRR)
Yu-Gi-Oh: #1 (probably was in 2002 or 2001, but worth mentioning that we watched it before anyone had ever heard of the trading cards — episode one — and totally hated it from the getgo)

Mood: glad we never watched Yu-Gi-Oh again
Music: Rammstein – Mein Herz Brennt (DJs Heartbeat Mix)