movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] This was a caper about a “Rock & Roll Detective”, played by Andrew Dice Clay. It got a very low 5.4 on IMDB, and won 3 out of 6 Razzies it was nominated for, including Worst Screenplay, Worst Actor, and Worst Picture. I happen to think this is nothing more than backlash against Andrew Dice Clay‘s controversial (by 1990 standards) stand-up act.

PEOPLE: We have Andrew Dice Clay on screen pretty much every second of the movie. He does his thing, and Andrew Dice Clay fans will not be disappointed. His character in the movie is basically his persona on stage, but a bit less 2-dimensional (he actually cares about things at points). Dice was quite good, although I imagine the role was written with him in mind, so how hard is it to play yourself?

It also had a surprising roll by … Wayne Newton?!?!?! He plays villains? Really?! Then we have Gilbert Gottfried playing a shock jock — he talks with a normal voice when not on the air. It was interesting to hear him sound normal for once. We also had Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare On Elm Street) and Ed O’Neill (aka Al Bundy of Married… With Children). And keep an eye out for a wee part played by Kari Wuhrer, the ultra-sexy hostess of MTV’s Remote Control gameshow. Priscilla Presley, too. I believe one of the comments that helped convine me to get this was roughly: “It has a koala bear, Freddy Krueger, and Al Bundy — how can you go wrong?”

QUIRKS: This movie doesn’t really attempt to take itself seriously, and that’s a good thing. The general attitude reminded me of other detective-based comedies, such as Duckman and Moonlighting.

BAD STUFF: A lot of people rate it low, automatically, because Andrew Dice Clay is in it. I have no doubt that tons of the ratings come from people who never saw the movie, and think they are doing a good deed by burying Dice with bad ratings.

CONCLUSION: This movie was under-rated. Carolyn & I both really liked it. It was fun!

RECOMMENDATION: All Andrew Dice Clay fans absolutely must see this film. Quit procrastinating and Netflix this. And if you like wacky detective capers — this is a good movie to see once.

MOVIE QUOTE: “What… you didn’t really think we’d kill the fuckin’ koala bear, now did ya? ”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj liked it.

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