May 2008

Because of 2 extraordinary months earlier this year, I had predicted I’d reach 400,000 by April 27th (later revised to May 10). But it wasn’t until much later — May 24th — that I actually reached 400,000. I guess you can’t count on constant growth. Also, I had previously named some bad cops by name, in the subject line, and that seemed to really increase traffic. But a turn towards posting movie reviews instead of naming bad cops in the subject line definitely lowered the traffic some.

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Soapdish was something I’d felt so-so about seeing for quite a long time (17 years?). I finally decided to get it over with!

PEOPLE: I could do without Sally Field, who I feel is a relic from yesteryear — but she was playing an “America’s Sweetheart” / washed-up-but-famous soap-opera actress anyway, so it actually felt appropriate. Kevin Kline and Robert Downey Jr. also costar — but it was Elisabeth Shue who provided a special treat … Other than Hollow Man, I haven’t seen her since Back To The Future and Adventures In Babysitting! She is delicious eye candy; so sweet… And only 28 or so in this movie. Also, a tiny role by Carrie Fischer.

QUIRKS: The entire movie was a quirky “tv show bleeds into real life”-type plot, which is a postmodern cliche that I’ve grown fond of. What’s in a plot, anyway? Jack London sold plots for $5, y’know. I am reminded of The Larry Sanders Show, another endeavor where shows bleed into real life in a twisted, comical way, often relating to rivalries between various “talent”.

To a lesser extent, I am also reminded of Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future, another show-about-a-show-within-the-show and the consequences therein. Though Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future was not a comedy; It was to me the most brilliant hour-long live-action show on TV until Twin Peaks, Six Feet Under, and 24, so it is always fresh in my mind.

BAD STUFF: The real problem with this movie, unfortunately, was that the humor level simply wasn’t high enough. Nor was it twisted enough. Like Bongwater or Hudson Hawk, this movie had an incredible cast, and did not live up to the expectations one would set when reading who is in it.

CONCLUSION: This gets my ‘generic pass’ of 3 stars on Netflix, and 6/10 on IMDB. I think Carolyn agreed with that.

RECOMMENDATION: If this sounds like your kind of thing, see it. But if you’re just looking for great comedies — this isn’t it. But if you like Elisabeth Shue, or want to see Robert Downey Jr. movies now that he is even more famous as the star of Iron Man — go ahead. If you’re a fan of the cast, and just want to see them, then this definitely delivers.

FANTASY ANTHOLOGY SERIES: Thieves’ World. Robert Lynn Aspirin JUST died, and it reminded me of how much I absolutely LOVED this fantasy-anthology-series growing up as a kid. I have the original printing of the first 10 or so books. And now they are going to maybe make movies?!?!?! That would be SO awesome.

I never actually read any Aspirin, other than his contributions to the Thieves’ World books (Which were comprised of stories written by many authors, the only other name I remember being Diane Duane,I think.)

But Thieves’ World stuck in my mind growing up… a LOT. Though it was hard to get a hold of the “final” book(s).

It was like a mature Middle Earth. It was where I first heard of anti-rape devices being vaginally implanted, which, when raped, would close sharp teeth onto the invading penis, cutting it off. That haunted me in 8th grade, hehehe.

I remember the “Vulgar Unicorn”, which was an awesome name for a tavern… And I remember some of the characters names, such as Shadowspawn, Enas Yorl, etc. I really don’t remember much, come to think of it. But it was so freakin’ awesome at the time that I read it (middle school!)


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