movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Date Movie was rated the incredibly-low raiting of 2.7 on IMDB! But since we like spoof comedies, we weren’t going to let this stop us. So they are spoofing romantic comedies instead of horrors. We understood that it would therefore be less funny, and lowered our expectations appropriately.

PEOPLE: Alyson Hannigan (in a fat suit for the first segment) and Sophie Monk. Two beautiful women, though Alyson doesn’t hold a candle to Sophie, who played a ridiculously oversexed role. These ladies certainly didn’t make the movie any harder to watch. Fred Willard also played a funny part — the scene where Alyson’s dad has to cough up a human hairball, in slow motion, made from Fred Willard‘s disgusting chest hair had Carolyn and even me gagging in disgust. Slow motion audio makes it really disgusting!

QUIRKS: Obviously a lot of movies were spoofed. Meet The Fockers, Kill Bill, Lord Of The Rings, When Harry Met Sally, Something About Mary, Parent Trap, Buffy, Nutty Professor, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Napoleon Dynamite, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Wedding Crashers, 40-Year-Old Virgin, etc. Some of these were only spoofed for a few seconds, and the most prominent was Meet The Fockers

BAD STUFF: The movie seemed to taper off in humor level during the 2nd half, something that I notice with a lot of movies. And some of the jokes were painfully drawn out… And not in a good way. The cat fart scene was VERY long.

CONCLUSION: For a Sunday night movie while recovering from a hangover, this did the job. I wasn’t in the mood for anything “heavy”, and Carolyn was more in the mood for a comedy than a horror. It gets a generic “pass” from us.

RECOMMENDATION: If you can’t get enough comedies, or really like the spoof genre — get this. Otherwise, don’t. Even if you hate romantic comedies, this still had a lot of funny moments, in between the almost-painful moments tedium.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj didn’t like it.

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