movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] I completely despised The Bourne Identity, finding it utterly pointless, and being completely unable to care about a character enshrouded in a mystery with no real explanation. I need to know WHY. I actually gave it only 2 stars on Netflix, which is RARE, as most movies get a “generic pass” from me. But The Bourne Supremacy explained some of these issues, and was actually enjoyable. As a completist, this makes it impossible NOT to watch the 3rd movie in the series, and it did not let us down.

PEOPLE: Matt Damon, of course. Julia Stiles, who I like. And they used someone who writes 24 episodes in this movie — too lazy to look up his name, but it definitely showed through. Maybe it was our mood, but it felt more like 24 than the past 2 Bourne movies had.

BAD STUFF: Nothing, really. The first movie f’ed up so badly in not explaining things to my satisfaction, but “3rd time is the charm”, as they say. I think this is the best yet, and am looking forward to the upcoming fourth installment in the franchies.

CONCLUSION: It was the most enjoyable of the 3. It’s rare that a franchise gets better with each movie, and even rarer when the rest of the planet agrees with me. (The Matrix trilogy and Saw movies are good examples of when I disagree with everyone else, thinking each successive movie better than the last)

RECOMMENDATION: Even if you hated The Bourne Identity, or even if you hated the first two — see this. It’s far better than the previous ones!

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Looks like everyone liked it: Scott S loved it. Benj really liked it. Ian really liked it. Jordan really liked it. Tatiana really liked it. Wayne H really liked it. Rebekah really liked it. Metinee liked it.

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