Monday, June 23rd, 2008

As I deal with my digital cam photos, I realize I waste time changing folders. That is, I will be in this folder:

p:\new pictures\2007_10_31_Halloween parties

…And then when I’m done dealing with those photos, I change into the next folder. In order to do that, I have to “Cd ..” to change into the parent folder, do a “dir” to get my directory of folders, notice which one the next one is, and do “cd FOLDERNAME” to find it. Now this only takes a few seconds, but a few seconds here and there will cumulatively add up to 24+ hours of my life wasted. So I wrote a script to change into the next parallel folder (nd.bat) and previous parallel folder (pd.bat). It’s soooooo much easier now. Deal with folder, type “nd”, deal with next folder, etc.

Why not use explorer? Explorer would have the same problem. Backspace to go to parent folder, visually locate next folder, and click it. And everytime you go to the parent folder, your view will be reset to the top, so you better hope your folder is on the same screen, or you will also have to scroll. Furthermore, I need to be in the folder at the command-line to run my flickr-upload-script-generator script. Anyway — go past the jump for the actual scripts. (more…)