Well… My mouth hurts like FUCK, and triple ibuprofens barely help. I still have a high disdain for painkillers, so I got her to give me Darvocet instead of Vicodin. But I’ve still refused to take a full pill… I’ve crushed it and taken smaller portions. I really don’t like the wooziness of painkillers. And I need to be able to drive to the surgery. I took 3 ibuprofen immediately before the Dethklok show last night (which was AWESOME!!!!!!!), and the heat, noise, and crowd gave my mind other things to worry about. I didn’t feel the pain during the show. I didn’t feel it until we (Carolyn, Greg Z, and me) were hanging out outside with Beth B, Wayne H, and Shehab. Anyway, I know from surgery last time that it SUCKS. I was in major pain for a week, and then had nerve attacks for a week after that. Basically, when you scrape a cyst off of a nerve, weird things happen. The nerve attacks were worse than the pain. It was like the prickly feeling you get that DRIVES YOU CRAZY when your leg wakes up from being asleep. Except instead of in your leg, it’s in your teeth. And instead of being over in 30 seconds or so, it goes on for hours. I was literally rubbing paper towels in my teeth non-stop to override the nerve transmissions with actual stimulus. It sucked. I’m hoping that I don’t have to deal with that kind of crap while at X-Day next week, becuase that would really suck. To top it off, Carolyn’s car overheated from having near-zero coolant, and we barely made it to Dethklok at all. We were lucky. My car’s air conditioning is too sub-standard (I’ve been parking in the shade) for a long road trip, and now her car is deemed unreliable. We’re trying to talk a parent into trading cars with us for the week. I could take mine in for repairs, but with the surgery going, I will probably be in no mood for it. We may have to go to Carolyn’s uncle’s this weekend to get HER car looked at. She might just have a slow leak which could be driven as long as we carry extra coolant with us. We should check the levels this week. Judy Tenuta is playing at the Arlington Drafthouse this weekend… I might do that if nothing else is going on, and I can deal with the pain. I definitely need medicine for this pain, but narcotics just don’t really help me with pain. They don’t take my mind off of it. Anyway… This is going to suck. I hope it’s benign (it’s recurring, and they usually are). I might lose the back 2 teeth (the molar’s already gone) which would basically mean a visible gap in my smile with my 0 molars on my bottom left (I think in their numbering system, #18 is gone, and #19 and #20 might die). These 2 teeth already cost me $3500, and it’s all for nothing. The infection may have been due to my first root canal in 1997. I should just pull the fucking things. I like applesauce and hate flossing. Maybe toothlessness is the evolutionary future for mankind. My parents basically have shitloads of bridges, dental implants, jaw surgery, and the like. It runs in the family.

But this pain? It SUCKS. Fortunately I have a high pain threshold. For example, I’m insisting on being awake during the procecure. Well, I’m running late and need to drive there now. They never advised me not to eat, but I haven’t for 12 hours anyway because that is usually the protocol for such procedures. Ugh. Wish me luck. Esp. on the biopsy results.

Mood: in pain
Music: Alec Empire – Kiss Of Death