movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We decided to watch this after reading Evan’s review.

PEOPLE: Ellen Page starred, and I’d never heard of her. She apparently replaced Kitty Pryde in the 3rd X-Men movie, and I never even noticed! Michael Cera (aka George Michael from Arrested Development, and also in Superbad) was also a great draw, as we think the way he carries himself is hilarious. He just seems like this under-confident, always-freaked-out kid with a perpetual stare matching that of a deer staring into your headlights. And his Arrested Development dad Jason Bateman stars too, as well as Jennifer Garner.

QUIRKS: Despite loving music more than most people, I don’t always notice soundtracks, because my taste in music is completley singular, not very broad, and heavier than the average music you’d get in a soundtrack. However, both of us were strongly reminded of the musical feel of the series Weeds. IMDB, however, revealed no connection between the two. Suffice to say, after looking it up on wikipedia, I found out that this soundtrack was a #1 album, and only the 2nd soundtrack to read #1 since the godawful Titanic soundtrack/movie (which I never saw). There is also a 2nd album called “Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted Songs”, containing even more songs. I actually got both albums, though I’m not sure how much I will listen to them. By the way — the closing credits song in Juno is HEAVILY, HEAVILY censored. The lyrics actually include a lot of profanity, and a Fuck Bush and Fuck This War message. The movie tries hard to be independent and trendy, but the censorship, and the fact that the albums went to #1 — kind of belay the fact that this is a corporate endeavor. The censorship prevents it from being a “real” independent movie, in my book.

BAD STUFF: Based on the review Evan posted, I had thought this was going to be a comedy, but we did not consider it such. We definitely considered this a drama. Of course there were some comedic elements — it wasn’t an unfunny situation. But the writing/directing goal seemed to be focused on telling the dramatic components of the story — not on getting laughs. We were in a mood for a comedy when we watched it, and so we were a bit disappointed when we didn’t laugh as much. I suppose some would call this a “dramedy”. Just don’t expect a laugh a minute.

CONCLUSION: As far as teenage pregnancy dramas go, this is good. Knocked Up presented itself as a comedy, but was not funny during the 2nd half. This movie might suffer from a similar misrepresetnation. This movie, however, was far more charming and realistic than Knocked Up, and with a better soundtrack to boot.

RECOMMENDATION: If you want a ridiculous pregnancy comedy, watch The Brothers Solomon instead. If you are not drama averse, definitely watch this. It’s a really good film, even if it isn’t quite what we thought we were getting into.

MOVIE QUOTE: Juno: “Uhhh, I hate it when adults use the term “sexually active.” What does it even mean? Am I gonna like deactivate some day or is it a permanent state of being?”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Evan liked it — read his review here. Ian, Jordan, and Glen all really liked it.

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