movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Everyone talked about this movie, and the Drafthouse recently showed it… So Carolyn & I decided to watch it too! It got a 7.1 on IMDB, way higher than any of the recent movies we’ve watched.

PEOPLE: It’s mostly Doug Benson, but there are also appearances from Sarah Silverman, Dave Navarro, Bob Odenkirk, Brian Posehn, Paul F. Tompkins, Zach Galifianakis, Marc Emery, and more. But this movie is really only about Doug Benson — someone that Carolyn & I have had zero previous exposure too.

CONCLUSION: There’s really nothing bad about this at all! It’s a comedic documentary, but it’s NOT a mockumentary. Doug Benson really does stop smoking pot completely for 30 days, and then spends 30 days getting non-stop stoned as much as humanly possible. In the end, the only thing his doctor could find different was that he had a higher sperm count! Doug thought he might be sick of doing it after 30 days straight, but then he found out that he wasn’t at all sick of it. In talking with his psychologist, his best explanation was, “It just makes things more fun.” That’s pretty sound reasoning, if you ask me.

RECOMMENDATION: I think everyone should watch this movie. From hardcore stoner, to straightedge evangelica Christians, this movie can actually demonstrate a lot to a lot of different people. Doug’s life didn’t really change very much regardless of whether he was smoking or not smoking. Politically, it shows that smoking pot is NOT a big deal, and that our government does NOT need to be raiding patients in states that have approved medical marijuana. Fortunately, it looks like those raids will end when George Wanker Bush leaves office, as Obama, and I think McCain as well (but hard to tell since he flip-flops so much) do not support federal raids on medical marijuana dispenseries in states that have democratically legalized medical marijuana. It’s nice to see that SOME politicians can respect the 10th amendment, which gives states any rights not given to the fed.

MOVIE QUOTE: “You wanna get high?”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: None yet, but I have a feeling most of them liked it.

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