Friday, July 11th, 2008

This was made for me by my aunt beth around 1990….

This is a big piece of artwork, all about me, created by my aunt Beth. “Nit” is how I used to say “Clint” when I was really little. “Pepel of the earth” (bottom left) was a long-running joke based on a “sci-fi story” I wrote at once as a kid (see yellow piece of paper behind my head). Yes, I will write down every number in a countdown if it happens in my story. I’m thorough like that. Once, I wrote out the numbers 1 through 1000 for fun over the course of several days/weeks. The 2 pictures of me come from early-to-mid high school (denim jacket and guitar… always). The darker aspects of my personality are represented, as is my interest in astronomy/the nature of things. The drawing looks like me in 9th or 10th grade. And I sure wish I knew where that Misfits shirt went; it had Misfits art by Pushead

BACKSTORY: My parents had a Christmas party. I got to see some of my family that I don’t see often, a friend from Petersburg, and my old next-door neighbors (from 1983-1999).


Mom and Dad’s house, Stafford, Virginia.

December 8, 2007.
Art by Beth Bowen.

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 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link (2-D version only)] I feel sorry for the Netflix people who can only get a 2-D version of the movie. To me, the whole point of seeing this was to be able to use my anaglyph 3-D glasses! I’ve always saved my 3-D glasses, and always kept them near my TV. (I even have the special yellowish ones that came with the 3rd Rock From The Sun 3-D special; but I actually keep those in the VHS tape I recorded the special on.) Anwyay: I love 3-D. 3-D is the wave of the future, and future cinema will be high-definiton AND 3-D. This is the first 3-D movie I’ve seen since seeing Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D.

PEOPLE/QUIRKS/BAD STUFF: Absolutely zero notable people or quirks. The movie in and of itself is sub-par for a zombie movie. This movie was NOT a good movie by ANY stretch. VERY. VERY. VERY generic horror. Since it’s 2006-made, there are some modern slants. After all, modern zombies must always be caused by *infections*, and not undead/black magic. That’s just a “new rule” in zombie cinema, perhaps ushured along by 28 Days Later (Ian, please correct me if I’m wrong!). And in a postmodern twist, the house that is defended from zombies is inhabited by stoners watching an old zombie film; something you’d never see until recently. These quirks didn’t make it good; they made it less bad.

CONCLUSION: Movie wise, this probably only got about a 5.5 from me. A bit below what I would give a passing grade. Definitely worse than any horror movie we’ve watched recently. But the 3-D glasses easily added 10% to that experience, making the movie passable. It was more of an “experience”, than a movie. One particular scene actually had broken glass seemingly travel to the front of my face; that’s impressive. Usually 3-D scenes recede into the monitor; it’s rare for things to come out of it. Especially with red-blue anaglphy glasses; usually only the 3-D films made for polarized glasses have a lot of stuff coming out of the screen.

RECOMMENDATION: See this if you are savvy enough to find a 3-D version. Avoid it otherwise; Go see the 4 Resident Evil movies, the 2 28 Days Later movies, and Cloverfield instead!

COINCIDENCES: (Night Of The Living Dead 3-D [2006], Rambo [2008]) 2 movies in a row where the ending credits feature a road with a figure walking on it.