movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We had to watch this movie within 48 hours of Evan reviewing it HERE. His review was that compelling. I don’t even watch Rambo movies usually! Last time I saw one, I was being babysat.

CONCLUSION: I’m not going to really go into any depth reviewing this movie. It was awesome. My only complaint was that I wish there was a bit more follow-up at the end of the movie. I’d like to have seen the idiot guy [highlight for spoilers] who got mad at Rambo for shooting the pirates to death finally acknowledge, to Rambo’s face, that yes, even as a Christian, you must sometimes take another life TO DO THE RIGHT THING. I was sitting there the entire movie, rooting for [highlight for spoilers] that guy to have to kill someone. And they delivered! Awesome!

RECOMMENDATION: Even if you didn’t watch the other Rambo movies (I’ve only seen First Blood), you should see this. Stallone (who directed this, BTW) can still pull it off, even though he is 25 years older than he was before! And there’s very little moral relativism here. Bad guys are bad, and good guys are good. It makes it very mentally easy to process. Rather than worrying about the plot, you can simply focus on the ultra-violence contained within. Frickin’ awesome. 236 people killed, the most for any Rambo film. Anyway, go read Evan’s review.

MOVIE QUOTE: “Live for nothing, or die for something”. The movie takes place in (and is banned in) Burma, but of course prohibition never works — not with anything — and bootleg copies are popular. Apparently, Burmese Freedom Fighters are now yelling “Live for nothing, or die for something” as battle cries in actual battles against the Myanmar oppression. “That, to me,” said Sylvester Stallone, “is one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had in film.” I have to agree; that anything politically good can come out of a violent death-ridden movie is AMAZING. Kudos to the filmmakers for making it relevant, and not just another frag-the-Arab-terrorist fest.

COINCIDENCES: (Night Of The Living Dead 3-D [2006], Rambo [2008]) 2 movies in a row where the ending credits feature a road with a figure walking on it.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Evan and Christian loved it. Even Glen liked it!

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