movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Another low IMDB-rated movie from National Lampoon — this one received only 4.0/10. But what a premise! Two girls at once!

PEOPLE: John Melendez (aka Stuttering John from the Howard Stern Show) plays the leading horny average male who realizes he is incapable of monogamy, and needs a woman that would let him be with other woman. And the horny bi-chick who ultimately joins him and his girlfriend in bed is none other than Hudson Leick — who played Callisto in Xena: Warrior Princess. She is good person to play oversexed/empowered roles, and had plenty of sexual attitude and confidence.

BAD STUFF: The entire way the 3-way relationship went down SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED, and the movie, like most movies with threesomes, seems to miss basic issues of trust and intent. Basically, [highlight for spoilers] his girlfriend fucked him over to be with Hudson Leick. She said they could sleep together, and they did. She grew jealous. Instead of TALKING to him about it like in a proper, non-dysfunctional relationship, she sulked to herself until deciding to dump him. Then he caught her in bed with the other woman. And we’re supposed to feel like Stuttering John is the schmuck? Now way! It was his idiotic girlfriend who didn’t know what she wanted!

CONCLUSION: As Glen once said in an email to me on 11/10/2006, “There is a certain thrill of the hunt — especially when the hunt is for cunt.” I think that about summarizes what this movie has to offer. You feel a vicarious thrill as John Melendez tries, and actually succeeds, at scoring with 2 chicks. But then everything goes sour in a very cliche way, just like every sex / threesome / porn industry-themed movie produced in puritaniccal America. And the relationship is really unrealistic — girlfriend #1 is nothing short of dishonest. They try to pass off the moral of the story as being “don’t try to sleep with two chicks”, but anyone intelligent who watches this will realize that the real moral is “don’t date lying bitches”.

RECOMMENDATION: See this if threesome interest you, but don’t expect a happy or realistic ending.

COINCIDENCES: (National Lampoon’s One, Two, Many; Simpsons S19E20) Two videos in a row where two good friends had to compete with each other in auditions.

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