Trent Reznor takes 2 minutes to introduce the video for Revolution Action — which happens to be my favorite song. Ever. And since my 3 favorite bands are The Misfits, Ween, and Atari Teenage Riot — I just had to share this. It looks like Reznor likes ATR for some of the same reasons I do:

And of course, I invite everyone to check out the extremely cool and creative video for “Revolution Action”. This is the banned version:

Of course, no mention of Atari Teenage Riot is complete without mentioning the actual riot that they started with their song “Start The Riot” (and “Into The Death”) in Berlin, Germany, complete with police brutality. They were arrested. Here are highlights (3 minutes):

I love how Alec Empire yells “We will never die!” as they are put into the police van. Too bad he was wrong, with Carl Crack dying of an overdose in the week before 9/11.

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