Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008


Okay, I came here to post the noodle fight, but here’s some other misc detritus laying around my YouTube account, which is of late mostly a cesspool of videos of Beavis the cat (R.I.P.):
2007-2008 New Year’s Countdown:

Frustrated by spam:

Rocky Horror Picture Show montage:

Kick-ass top that spins for hours:

Chasing ducks:

And finally, some more noodle fight pics:
20080112 - Greg & Nicole's party - 149-4983 - Carolyn, Evan, Kipp - noodle fight

20080112 - Greg & Nicole's party - 149-4970 - Evan, Carolyn, Nicole, Joe, Heather - Noodle Fight!

20080112 - Greg & Nicole's party - 149-4969 - Carolyn, Nicole (bg) - Noodle Fight!

20080112 - Greg & Nicole's party - 149-4957 - Laszlo & Clint - Noodle Fight!

20080112 - Greg & Nicole's party - 149-4972 - Joe, Heather, Laszlo - Noodle Fight!

20080112 - Greg & Nicole's party - 149-4955 - Laszlo & Clint - Noodle Fight!

20080112 - Greg & Nicole's party - 149-4956 - Evan & Clint - Noodle Fight!

I had a very strange, long, extended dream involving camping at Elizabeth Furnace, and the Church Of The SubGenius‘s X-Day event. Apparently even Rev. Ivan Stang was too lazy to make it up to Sherman, NY, this year, so he just went to Elizabeth Furnace, where we normally camp, instead. But Elizabeth Furnace was all different — It had many more roads, and fenced off areas you weren’t supposed to go into, because they were Indian (Native American) territory. Somehow Carolyn convinced us to drive some weird way into Elizabeth Furnace, which basically wasted several hours. Our campsite was much farther away, and we were both drunk. Carolyn basically set camp up and passed out, and I was mad that we weren’t going to have the evening together. I started hanging out with Ivan Stang, since Carolyn was passed out. I hopped the fence into Indian territory and explored a bit — they had tomahawks and all kinds of cliche Native American stuff that would never actually be there laying around on the ground. I went over the fence and explored a bit, but alarms and such went off and we almost got kicked out. There was a big concert hall — something that really didn’t belong at a campground. Somehow me and Stang were hanging out, and he was completely trashed. Falling over trashed. Actually, I was stumbling a bit as well. Going to the restroom was an adventure. There were a bunch of normals around the concert hall, for some unrelated event. (And honestly, if this was happening in parallel to X-Day in Sherman, NY — why the hell would Stang be in redneckville Virginia? But dreams aren’t supposed to make sense.) Stang almost got in trouble and I had to help escort him out. I think eventually I stumbled back to the campsite and passed out next to Carolyn. The next day I was talking to Stang, and he kind of imitated something I said, but more like a sample than a human. He did it like 5 times. I was like, “Whoa, you can do the Hour Of Slack stuff in real life?” This dream was long AND odd. (more…)