August 2008

My Crappy Day

a piece of
non-fiction by
Brittany L

Today I went to luch with my mommy. It was for her birthday. We went to this nice little restaurant that gives you a free pizza whenever you have a birthday. We decided to share. We also had an order of brocolli-cheddar nuggets. The waitress was nice and brought mommy a sundae covered in hot fudge with a candle in it. We were both stuffed so we decided to share that too. Then we went home.

A while after going home it was time for me to go to work. I work in a grocery store. It wasn’t very busy when I got there, so I was in a good mood. I worked for a couple of hours, and then I went on break. I’d started to feel a little sick, so I picked up my pay-check and sat down for the rest of my break. Then a concerned co-worker asked if I could go home early. They said yes, but I decided I should try to stick it out. This wasn’t the first time i’d felt sick at work, and it had always turned out ok before.

After a little bit, customers started to look at me funny. I was feeling really nauseus and hunched over while I was bagging groceries. I probably looked like a cripple. In the mean time, I wasn’t over-friendy to the people. I just did my job, handed them their receipts, and told them to have a nice day. I guess one lady didn’t like this. She snapped at me because my printer wasn’t working. After i’d been at work 3 hours I started to feel very, very sick. Finally I just clocked out and left.

Driving home was hard. Every time I had to stop for a red light, I thought I was going to be sick. Finally, I pulled up to my house, and waddled to the front door. I wasn’t feeling very good. I let myself inside and my mommy asked me why I was home so early. I started crying and told her I felt like I was going to vomit. Then I ran to my room and laid down. That was stupid.

About 5 minutes later I had to get up and run to the bathroom. The next 45 minutes consisted of a couple trips back and forth between my room and the bathroom. I vomited a lot. I don’t like vomiting and this was the first time I had in 9 years. There went the family record. Finally I gave up and just fell asleep on the bathroom floor. My mommy brought in a blanket and a glass of cherry coke. I fell asleep for about 45 minutes and then I woke up.

I feel much better now.

Anyone who knows Carolyn & I know we are fans of alternate lighting — especially blacklights. I am looking for blacklights that fit in traditional light sockets.

HELP ME FIND THE LIGHT I WANT! [UPDATE: well, looks like I may have found it, actually]

What I am looking for is what I think would work best — a blacklight version of the circular fluorescent lights, such as these:


These would fit in (most) traditional light sockets, and would cast the blacklight out equally in all directions. It’s also the largest fluorescent that goes into a normal light socket, and larger blub area means more blacklight effect — my goal. Carolyn’s grandma Lib had these in her kitchen and they worked really well.

I tried to order one of these from HD Supply (1-800-431-3003, manufacturing part#28927MBK, HD part#KB198, $11.74 shipped), but ended up getting a non-returnable compact fluorescent version instead

(special thanks to Home Depot for taking 30 minutes to supply me with what turned out to be the wrong part number)

Although these are nice and compact, and thus cannot be broken as eaily… I have a feeling that the form factor of a NON-compact fluorescent blacklight (for normal fixtures) would probably create more blacklight glowing effect:

Of course the compact ones would use less energy, but I am willing to expend plenty of energy to light things the way I want them lit. The compact ones are at least usable for our built-in fans (the cicular ones wouldn’t fit without removing the casing). However, I still think the non-compact ones would be better. And the circular ones would be better for unenclosed sockets, such as ceilings fixtures or tall lamps.

SO I NEED MORE LIGHTS. These should end up working really well with my blacklight pool ball set that my sister Britt got me for Christmas a few years back:
20080523 - pool balls - 157-5749 - blacklight, tilted

Check out our flickr photos of stuff glowing in the blacklight.

20070317 - Carolyn's birthday and St. Patrick's Day party - (by Casey) - 425418666_a2d0a5f816_b - Jess - blacklight kitchen The Scream

20070317 - Carolyn's birthday and St. Patrick's Day party - (by AE) - 425318187_96f79fd3ba_o - Clint's blacklight arms - hand-stamp ink

20070317 - Carolyn's birthday and St. Patrick's Day party - (by AE) - 425857165_c535f64c7f_o - Greg, Nate, Aaron, Casey - blacklight kitchen

********** UPDATE! ************
FOUND IT! Here’s a picture:
20091027 - downstairs - GEDC0452 - the elusive circlite blacklight


I just watched the video on Firefox’s new “Ubiquity” browser-command-line interface, and I gotta agree with my initial thoughts that told me not to watch the video. The whole thing is a big waste of time for me. I don’t need this functionality. It seems like most new “cutting edge” web-glue software are either packages of solutions looking for problems, or substitutions for what can already be done very easily if you know how to do it. I addressed each functionality in the video below:

It’s good to see that our police are helping serve and protect our country’s interest in preserving free spech! (That’s sarcasm.)

Alicia Forrest was arrested outside Civic Center Park after confronting officers and asking them questions about another arrest they were making, said Sally Newman, legal liaison and spokeswoman for the group.



 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Being a big fan of human perception and the senses, this movie had an appealing “What If” gimmick. Two, actually: Super-senses, and losing 1 out of 5 senses at random. The low 5.3 rating on IMDB is not a compelling deterrent these days, as most movies we watch are rated low.

PEOPLE: Marlon Wayans was the main character. Also among the cast are David Spade, Matthew Lillard, Rip Torn, and Debra Jo Rupp.

QUIRKS: This was simply a gimmick / what-if comedy movie, along the lines of many such movies. The main character (Marlon Wayans) is an overworked college student who is also trying to support his mom and siblings at the same time. Because he is so strapped for cash, he will do anything for money. Taking experimental drugs? No problem! It turns out that they give him super senses. At first, he doesn’t know how to handle it. Everything is amplified — so his ass itches so bad he has to use a scrubbing brush on it. Finally, he learns how to focus it. But then he doesn’t listen to the instructions, and over-does it. Bad things start happening. Randomly losing 1 out of 5 senses (and having the lost sense change every few minutes), his quest for a money-making job becomes very challenged. David Spade plays a total douchebag prick, who he is working against to get the magic money-making job — including joining the hockey team to try to have some extracurricular activities on his resume. The super senses help make him look like a much better candidate than David Spade, but loosing his senses makes him look like an assinine fool. He has to recover, get the job, and save his family’s home all at the same time. Oh, and get the girl too.

BAD STUFF: It takes a good ~75% of the movie before he starts losing senses randomly. Considering that the title is Senseless, I think this should have happened earlier.

CONCLUSION: A fun exploration of a “What If?” scenario, with Wayans-influenced comedy. That’s a recipe for success, even if said success is not outstanding. I give it my generic pass of 3 stars on Netflix. On IMDB, that would usually mean a 6, but I would actually give this more like a 6.5 for creativity. I certainly don’t regret watching it.

RECOMMENDATION: Wayans Brothers fans should see this, as should people who enjoy zany “what if?” scenarios, or people who love hating on David Spade. If you’re overworked and supporting a family, you might identify with the main character as well.

MOVIE QUOTE: Marlon Wayans: “Doctor, three thousand dollars? I’ll be your little outbreak monkey…”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj didn’t like it. (more…)

 Lucy, from official website I'd rather be watching TV![Wikipedia link (most informative)] [Official site] [IMDB link] [Torrent of Season 1] [Not available on Netflix] [MP3s of all songs in the show]. Cartoon Network’s AdultSwim division brings us yet another in a seemingly-infinite series of adult-targeted 11-minute animation series. This one is rated 8.4 on IMDB, and is an instant cult classic. Fire up the angry Christians, because one of the main characters is Satan, and he is painted in a very human light (he likes Appletinis).

PEOPLE: Lucy and Becky (the devil’s advocate) are played by Melissa Bardin Galsky (aka Melissa from Home Movies, Abby from O’Grady, also in Hey Monie!, and worked as an associate producer in Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist). Her voice is not as cheery as it is in the other shows (Home Movies, O’Grady). Her character Lucy’s personality reminds me of a slightly warmer Laura from Dr. Katz. (If you don’t remember, Laura was Dr. Katz‘s secretary — played by Laura Silverman, Sarah Silverman‘s sister in real life and in The Sarah Silverman Program.) She basically seems somewhat uninterested in her “Antichrist destiny”, and is a bartender who went to art school. She is sort of in a relationship with D.J. Jesus (pronounced “hey-Suess”), who is the 2nd coming of Christ, but who is mostly concerned with DJing and publicity stunts.

DJ Jesus (and Judas) are played by Jon Glaser, a 5-time Emmy nominee in Conan O’Brien‘s writing staff who has also been in such popular cartoons as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and such underrated cartoons as Freak Show and Stroker And Hoop. He likes to perform “nearacles” (“miracles, but not quite”) for publicity.

The Devil (who loves anagrams and apple martinis) is played by none other than H. Jon Benjamin, a strange comic who is well-known in animation voiceover circles. He co-created Comedy Central’s Freak Show cartoon with David Cross. He voiced Dr. Katz‘s lazy son Ben Katz, fat soccer Coach McGuirk in Home Movies, Kevin in O’Grady, the mayor in Assy McGee, and has done several guest voiceovers in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros., Family Guy, and the original AdultSwim cartoon Space Ghost Coast To Coast. He’s also in a Soup2Nuts 1997 ABC cartoon called Science Court which I have never heard of until writing this review.

QUIRKS: Like most AdultSwim shows, it is very strange. The 3 clergymen (2 fathers and a sister) spend every episode trying to hunt down and kill Lucy (unaware to Lucy and everyone else). “Special Sister Mary” tends to kill innocent bystanders in every episode — all in the name of God and destroying the Antichrist. A certain amount of every episode is spent laughing at her hardcore murder in the name of God. Even the “special fathers” that she travels with often quip, “Was that really necessary?” Her level of viciousness reminds me of the Knights Of Templar in The Da Vinci Code.

BAD STUFF: The only bad thing is that by virtue of being an AdultSwim production, all episodes are limited to 11 minutes. There needs to be MORE MORE MORE, much more.

CONCLUSION: An absolutely great series that was over too fast (110 minutes total = less length than your average movie). Of course, that can describe most 10-episode AdultSwim runs (Xavier:Renegade Angel comes to mind). Every one of these shows needs 1,000 episodes! This show is a near-perfect 10, and I am greatly looking forward to Season 2, slated to start in October of 2008.

RECOMMENDATION: Anyone who likes adult cartoons, AdultSwim, religious parody, Satan, or H. Jon Benjamin should be checking this series out using whatever means necessary (including the torrent link). (more…)

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