movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] In a dvd-extra for Tideland (a GOOD movie that reminded me a lot of Julien Donkey-Boy), Terry Gilliam talks of fantasy, and mentioned that there’s a new movie coming out called “Bridge To Terabithia”. He says that this movie captures his sense of fantasy. It also has a very high IMDB rating of 7.4. So we decided to watch it.

PEOPLE/QUIRKS: Just a bunch of kids.

BAD STUFF: Uh… We were horrified during the opening 5 seconds to find out this is a Disney movie … for kids. A lot of the movie was simply kids at school. The fantasy/imagination part was IN NO WAY of the same caliber as Terry Gilliam‘s work. In fact, the CGI/fantasy segments can probably be compressed into under 2 minutes. All the rest is … kid stuff. Oh, and it gets SAD. Hold back the tears sad. Way sad. One of the saddest movies I’ve seen in awhile.

CONCLUSION: When expecting fantastical adventures, a sad Disney movie about kids is NOT what the doctor ordered. Avoid this.

RECOMMENDATION: Perhaps if you read the book and know what to expect, this movie would be interesting. But my personal recommendation is STAY AWAY. I gave this 2 stars on Netflix, which is rare. It could be a case of mis-managed expectations, but honesty… I’d rather watch a cartoon for adults than a live-action movie for kids.

COINCIDENCES: 1) Bridge To Terabithia and Shrooms – 2 movies in a row with people “kind of losing it” in the woods, as well as an abandoned vehicle in the woods. 2) Bridge To Terabithia and Teeth – 2 movies featuring a rope swing in the woods.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj liked it.

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