Lucy, from official website I'd rather be watching TV![Wikipedia link (most informative)] [Official site] [IMDB link] [Torrent of Season 1] [Not available on Netflix] [MP3s of all songs in the show]. Cartoon Network’s AdultSwim division brings us yet another in a seemingly-infinite series of adult-targeted 11-minute animation series. This one is rated 8.4 on IMDB, and is an instant cult classic. Fire up the angry Christians, because one of the main characters is Satan, and he is painted in a very human light (he likes Appletinis).

PEOPLE: Lucy and Becky (the devil’s advocate) are played by Melissa Bardin Galsky (aka Melissa from Home Movies, Abby from O’Grady, also in Hey Monie!, and worked as an associate producer in Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist). Her voice is not as cheery as it is in the other shows (Home Movies, O’Grady). Her character Lucy’s personality reminds me of a slightly warmer Laura from Dr. Katz. (If you don’t remember, Laura was Dr. Katz‘s secretary — played by Laura Silverman, Sarah Silverman‘s sister in real life and in The Sarah Silverman Program.) She basically seems somewhat uninterested in her “Antichrist destiny”, and is a bartender who went to art school. She is sort of in a relationship with D.J. Jesus (pronounced “hey-Suess”), who is the 2nd coming of Christ, but who is mostly concerned with DJing and publicity stunts.

DJ Jesus (and Judas) are played by Jon Glaser, a 5-time Emmy nominee in Conan O’Brien‘s writing staff who has also been in such popular cartoons as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and such underrated cartoons as Freak Show and Stroker And Hoop. He likes to perform “nearacles” (“miracles, but not quite”) for publicity.

The Devil (who loves anagrams and apple martinis) is played by none other than H. Jon Benjamin, a strange comic who is well-known in animation voiceover circles. He co-created Comedy Central’s Freak Show cartoon with David Cross. He voiced Dr. Katz‘s lazy son Ben Katz, fat soccer Coach McGuirk in Home Movies, Kevin in O’Grady, the mayor in Assy McGee, and has done several guest voiceovers in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros., Family Guy, and the original AdultSwim cartoon Space Ghost Coast To Coast. He’s also in a Soup2Nuts 1997 ABC cartoon called Science Court which I have never heard of until writing this review.

QUIRKS: Like most AdultSwim shows, it is very strange. The 3 clergymen (2 fathers and a sister) spend every episode trying to hunt down and kill Lucy (unaware to Lucy and everyone else). “Special Sister Mary” tends to kill innocent bystanders in every episode — all in the name of God and destroying the Antichrist. A certain amount of every episode is spent laughing at her hardcore murder in the name of God. Even the “special fathers” that she travels with often quip, “Was that really necessary?” Her level of viciousness reminds me of the Knights Of Templar in The Da Vinci Code.

BAD STUFF: The only bad thing is that by virtue of being an AdultSwim production, all episodes are limited to 11 minutes. There needs to be MORE MORE MORE, much more.

CONCLUSION: An absolutely great series that was over too fast (110 minutes total = less length than your average movie). Of course, that can describe most 10-episode AdultSwim runs (Xavier:Renegade Angel comes to mind). Every one of these shows needs 1,000 episodes! This show is a near-perfect 10, and I am greatly looking forward to Season 2, slated to start in October of 2008.

RECOMMENDATION: Anyone who likes adult cartoons, AdultSwim, religious parody, Satan, or H. Jon Benjamin should be checking this series out using whatever means necessary (including the torrent link).

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