Anyone who knows Carolyn & I know we are fans of alternate lighting — especially blacklights. I am looking for blacklights that fit in traditional light sockets.

HELP ME FIND THE LIGHT I WANT! [UPDATE: well, looks like I may have found it, actually]

What I am looking for is what I think would work best — a blacklight version of the circular fluorescent lights, such as these:


These would fit in (most) traditional light sockets, and would cast the blacklight out equally in all directions. It’s also the largest fluorescent that goes into a normal light socket, and larger blub area means more blacklight effect — my goal. Carolyn’s grandma Lib had these in her kitchen and they worked really well.

I tried to order one of these from HD Supply (1-800-431-3003, manufacturing part#28927MBK, HD part#KB198, $11.74 shipped), but ended up getting a non-returnable compact fluorescent version instead

(special thanks to Home Depot for taking 30 minutes to supply me with what turned out to be the wrong part number)

Although these are nice and compact, and thus cannot be broken as eaily… I have a feeling that the form factor of a NON-compact fluorescent blacklight (for normal fixtures) would probably create more blacklight glowing effect:

Of course the compact ones would use less energy, but I am willing to expend plenty of energy to light things the way I want them lit. The compact ones are at least usable for our built-in fans (the cicular ones wouldn’t fit without removing the casing). However, I still think the non-compact ones would be better. And the circular ones would be better for unenclosed sockets, such as ceilings fixtures or tall lamps.

SO I NEED MORE LIGHTS. These should end up working really well with my blacklight pool ball set that my sister Britt got me for Christmas a few years back:
20080523 - pool balls - 157-5749 - blacklight, tilted

Check out our flickr photos of stuff glowing in the blacklight.

20070317 - Carolyn's birthday and St. Patrick's Day party - (by Casey) - 425418666_a2d0a5f816_b - Jess - blacklight kitchen The Scream

20070317 - Carolyn's birthday and St. Patrick's Day party - (by AE) - 425318187_96f79fd3ba_o - Clint's blacklight arms - hand-stamp ink

20070317 - Carolyn's birthday and St. Patrick's Day party - (by AE) - 425857165_c535f64c7f_o - Greg, Nate, Aaron, Casey - blacklight kitchen

********** UPDATE! ************
FOUND IT! Here’s a picture:
20091027 - downstairs - GEDC0452 - the elusive circlite blacklight

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