September 2008

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Any Futurama fan must watch every episode of Futurama. This goes without saying. And of course we watched this movie the instant it became available!

NAYSAYERS: I am soooooo tired of the “adaptation naysayers” (two groups I hate – sequel naysayers and adaptation naysayers). “Wah wah, this played more like an extended episode than a movie.” Well DUH. The movies are 4 episodes cut to widescreen and spliced together. If it plays like an extended episode, that’s because it IS an extended episode. All 4 episodes will play in syndication with the rest of the episodes, but as a 4 parter. It’s like you give people something more (4-parters instead of 1-parters) and they find a way to perceive it as something less. Packaging it as a movie is just a ploy to get more money and exposure. And the adaptation naysayer backlash (as well as the sequel naysayer backlash) is quite predictable.

BAD STUFF: Futurama and Matt Groening can do no wrong. A planet-sized alien takes control of Fry and uses him to lead a world religion that convinces everyone to leave earth for a mind-controlled “Heaven”. What can go wrong?

CONCLUSION: Another great installment from the series we all thought was canceled! And this one makes fun of religion too — even better!!

RECOMMENDATION: Anyone who watched every episode of Futurama, but doesn’t watch this…. Should be tortured by having to watch episodes of Mama’s Family for all of eternity.

MOVIE QUOTE: Professor Farnsworth: “Normally when I send you on a mission of extreme danger I would say ‘good news’, so when I say that this mission is dangerous, you can imagine how dangerous I really think it is.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: None, but it got a 7.4 on IMDB with 5400+ votes. Pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.


…when your friends have Flickr-related nightmares FOR you:

“Last night I dreamt you had forgotten like a whole 3 weeks worth of pictures and it screwed up your whole process — you were going to have to go back and erase the last 6 months and redo it. You were so upset!” –Eve C

I pointed out that in many cases I would just need to re-run my upload script, and could probably re-do 6 months of uploading in 2 weeks or so. (And under a week if I had to do it a 3rd time.) And that I’ve never rolled back more than 10 pictures in a situation like that anyway. I just throw stuff into a folder called “ZZZZZZ”, and when I catch up to the present, I bring ZZZZZ back into the mix and work my way forward again.

Anyway, I do indeed use flickr too much. Just uploaded my 10,000th picture there, though I am not quite up to 10,000 public pictures yet. Check out my pictures at, or my profile at Friend me biotches. Flickr‘s social network membership is third only to Facebook and MySpace, according to what I’ve read.

Better yet, click here for 6 contiguous photos picked at random from my 10,000+:

You go, girl! (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We watched all 3 Pirates Of The Caribbean movies 3 nights in a row, which is really how this series should be watched.

BAD STUFF: Again, we found nothing bad whatsoever with this movie. A lot of people inexplicably rated it lower than the previous 2, but it was simply another chapter in the continuing adventures of Jack Sparrow.

CONCLUSION: This was yet another epic fantasy legend movie, and the scenes where they sail over the edge of the world are absolutely amazing. Really, movies #2 and #3 are one story that is too long to contain in a single movie — much like Kill Bill. The continuance of the Davy Jones plot started in Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 finally reaches its conclusion. This movie has an even more surrealist fantasy feel to it than the first two.

RECOMMENDATION: How could anyone watch #1 without watching #2 and #3? Just don’t get your hopes insanely up, which seemed to burn a lot of people. This movie is of equal caliber to the first 2. Again: More of the same, and in this case same is good. I’d love for this series to keep continuing, but I doubt it will.

MOVIE QUOTE: Barbossa: “Better were the days when mastery of seas came not from bargains struck with eldritch creatures… but from the sweat of a man’s brow and the strength of his back alone. You all know this to be true!”

COINCIDENCES: Dead Man, Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 – 2 Johnny Depp movies in a week that had hardened killers who slept with teddy bears! Not to mention 2 Johnny Depp movies with the words “Dead” and “Man” in the title… (because Pirates Of The Carribean 2 has the subtitle of “Dead Man‘s Chest”)

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Only I gave it 5 stars? WTF? Carolyn, Jordan, Tatiana, Eric M all really liked it. Kipp only liked it. Ian hated it. (Ian?! 5 stars for #1, 3 stars for #2, and 1 star for #3?!?!?!?!!) Scott S forsook the entire series and refused to watch #3. (How could anyone do that after a cliffhanger?!?! Pure masochism?) Gotta say that the 3 movies all seemed to be very similar to each other, and we don’t understand how people rated them so differently other than the fact that they probably didn’t watch all 3 movies 3 nights in a row. Wow. Surprised by this one. The IMDB ratings for the 3 movies were 8, 7.3, 7, so the dropoff in ratings wasn’t as apparent as it was amongst my own friends. Strange indeed.

WILHELM SCREAM: There were two :)



james hetfield, cowardly lion

Fuck Metallica. (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] It was nice that we got to watch all 3 Pirates Of The Caribbean movies during successive evenings. Procrastination with movies really pays off. You can understand a franchise much better if you have all the previous movies in your immediate memory.

BAD STUFF: Again, nothing bad. Some sequels are much worse than others (The Crow 2, Starship Troopers 2), while other sequeles simply advance new stories of equal quality and meet a bunch of naysaying from people who are only impressed with the initial novelty of the first installment in any series (The Matrix 2, Harry Potter 2, Saw 2).

CONCLUSION: This was a great sequel. Going into the Davy Jones legend was really cool, as it finally inspired us to check out the Davey Jones’ Locker wikipedia page and learn about the original legend. This movie had an even richer set of characters than the first, and included such legends as The Kraken. It also advanced the story of Jack Sparrow in general (of course).

RECOMMENDATION: It would be stupid to watch Pirates Of The Caribbean #1 without watching #2. And #3. It’s more of the same, and the same is good. We watched all 3 movies 3 nights in a row, and there was not really a discernable difference between them. Of course, not everyone agrees..

MOVIE QUOTE: Jack Sparrow: I want my jar of dirt!

COINCIDENCES: The Crow & Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 – We watched 2 movies within 8 days that have crows eating somebody’s eyes out.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Jordan, Tatiana, and Scott S loved it (5 stars). Carolyn and Christian D really liked it (4 stars). Benj, Ian, Chris H/Lisa, Eric M, and Rebekah only liked it (3 stars).

Fred and Chuck

Once upon a time there was a guy named Fred. One night Fred was having trouble sleeping, and went to the kitchen for a snack. Before turning on the light, he happened to glance out the window, and see some movement in his neighbor’s garage. As he watched, Chuck, another of his neighbors–not the owner of that house– walked out carrying some garden tools. Fred glanced at the clock, which said 2:15 a.m. Fred grabbed his camcorder, which happened to have night vision, and kept watching and filming as Chuck crept from one house to another, sneaking into any open garages, and carrying off various items. (more…)


Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] When I first saw this at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse … I had a bit too much wine, nachos, and cigarettes. I ended up remembering nothing about the movie even as the credits rolled. All I remembered is that I knew I liked it, and should re-watch it. Finally, years later, I did.

BAD STUFF: I really didn’t find anything bad about this movie at all. It was a great epic fantasy movie, and it had its own legend. And how often do such movies deal with pirates? After Lord Of The Rings, and several childhood-fantasy movies such as Pan’s Labyrinth … It was nice to have something pirate-based.

CONCLUSION: Loved it. 5 stars. This is how fantasy movies should be done.

RECOMMENDATION: See it. Unless you have some inexplicable hate of fantasy and/or pirates and/or Johnny Depp.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Carolyn, Jordan, Christian D, Kipp, Eric M, Becky S, Wayne H, Scott S all loved it. Metinee and 55+-year-old ex-co-worker Jacqueline only really liked it. No ratings below 4 stars in the 11 people I know who have rated it.

Carolyn likes to play peek-a-boo with the cats in a similar fashion. (more…)

20080713 - Cheech & Chong ticket stub

It was decent. The binoculars REALLY helped, since we were in the very last row. Chong’s hot older wife opened. We left late (6:45PM and they start seating at 6:30PM for a 7:00PM show). I spoon fed Carolyn her dinner as she drove, since we were in mid-meal when we realized we had to get the hell out of here–and fast! We didn’t miss anything and even managed to snag a drink at the bar.

And it sucks that they made Chong serve 9 months in jail! Remember, kids: Our country imprisons at the highest rate of any country on the planet. By some strict interpretations, that might mean it’s the least free country. Anyway — their description of the bust was pretty funny. “Do you have any drugs in the house?” “Uhh, I’m Tommy Chong, what do you think?”

Other than that, they didn’t really do anything new — just slightly modernized variations of their standard acts and songs. Cheech has no mustache. Their humor is most certainly not edgy — or even in the top tier of funniness. However, they are cultural icons — and must be worshipped as such.

Anyway, it was good to go. (more…)

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