My documentary watching has definitely tapered off in 2008, now that I watch dvd extras for my favorite shows and movies instead of documentaries. Regardless, I watched a LOT of documentaries in 2007. Here they are, sorted by topic.



Phil Schneider – 1995 – Preparedness Expo – lecture – Area 51, all about aliens
JFK II: The Bush Connection – Alex Jones – watched a lot of this in 2006, and watched a good 30% of it again – good stuff. There’s no doubt in my mind that things are not what they seem with the JFK assassination.


911 – The Conspiracy Files (BBC) (59m1s) – a conspiracy ‘debunker’ video, indeed with some interesting tidbits and testimonies that I had never seen. Yet, they curiously omit a few facts that would not be consistent with their message; they seem to be biased as well. I guess everything is biased… However, this nonetheless did convince me towards their view somewhat.

911 – The PentaCon Eyewitnes (1h19m38s) – quite interesting indeed, and one of the best debunkers of the official Pentagon story. MULTIPLE eye-witnesses from the Citgo station across the street from the Pentagon. You know — the one that the feds came in MINUTES after the attack, and confiscated the video surveillance camerss, never to be seen again? (I have since obtained video, thanks to people filing FOIA acts.) EVERY witness — 2 of which were Pentagon police officers — said the plane flew to the left of the Citgo. Yet the 911 Comission’s official explanation and animation place the plane going to the right of the Citgo. Furthermore, some of the downed lightposts — always suspect because it’s real hard to fly a plane THAT low and not hit a highway overpass — were not in the eyewitness flight path as well. Pilots For 911 Truth is another organization that works with the organization the produced this video. Yes, even pilots have organized about 911 truth. They are capable of understanding the flight data recorder data better than anyone else, and do not agree with the official explanation of events. Something is fishy here — and I doubt there is a benevalent explanation. I also doubt that anyone will ever know the real truth, much like the J.F.K. assassination.

911 – 911MK – 911=Mind Control – makes a couple interesting points, but otherwise is pretty much pointless. 11 minutes isn’t much to go with.

911 – 9-11 & The Evil In America – this was a good one, but got worse towards the end. It remained fairly neutral, talking about 911 for the first 35 minutes. Then, they had about 5 minutes featuring a guy who thought cellphone towers were sending out mind control waves. This had absolutely nothing to do with 911, and was merely included to make conspiracy theorists look crazier, so as to marginalize all the very good points brought up during the first 35 minutes. A journalistic line was crossed. They also had an official claiming that one of the reasons we know a plane hit the Pentagon is that “police saw that the plane was vectored towards the Pentagon, and followed it down Columbia Pike”. While it’s true that the plane passed over Columbia Pike, how the hell does a cop car follow a plane traveling at 500MPH during rush hour in D.C.? I smell bullshit. Either way, 911 is far too nebulous to proove one way or another, especially when we have one of the most secretive governments on the planet. Good documentary, bad ending. I honestly don’t know whether I would recommend it or not, but we did watch this in its entirety over 3 dinners.


Mega-Tsunami – Wave Of Destruction – The whole east coast could be killed (everyone within 15 miles of the coast) by 500M waves — taller than the tallest building — that travel at 500MPH, if the island of La Palma (Canary islands, west coast of Africa) has a landslide. This WILL happen, eventually. Actually, it did. But something caused the land to only slide 4 meters, instead of falling into the ocean. Had it not stopped, Washington D.C. would not exist. New Orleans during Katrina would look like a paradise in comparison. Normal tsunamis are a max of 10 METERS HIGH. These can be 500M! Imagine the 2004 tsunami, but 50 times higher? 200,000 dead is nothing compared to what a mega-tsunami can (and eventually will) do. I hope bad people aren’t reading this, because if I was an evil supervillian, this would be my main plan. [Note to terrorists: Please forget you read this.]


Ancient Discoveries: Robotics – about “Heron”(?), a Greek ancient (2000 years ago) who created many works of automation – the first coin-operated ANYTHING, the first automatic doors, birds that chirp, the first machine/gatling gun (shot spears) (it was also the first time a chain was used in a machine)… The first steam turbine (practically an engine), amazing automation of theatre and the stage, that included *programmable* (via twisted rope and pegs) timed automation of props (waves, dolphins jumping, clouds, thunder–all *programmed*).

History’s Turning Points – The Shot That Started The Great War (21.5min) – watched ~50% of it – interesting to get a better sense of what started WW1, which is usually overshadowed by WW2…


Courtney Love – interview – HotType (22m51s) – interviewer guy was pretty damn harsh at the end, kind of 2-faced, but the interview was interesting

Jane’s Addiction – Three Days (1h35min) – mostly just watched the parts with live songs, but some of the in-between too

Nirvana – Kurt Cobain – Under The Bridge – The Early Life Of Kurt Cobain (1h27m) – watched in entirety, though we were only listening most of the time (informative cooking/websurfing background)… Certainly better than that crappy “Last Days” piece of crap movie, which was the worst crap I’ve ever watched in my life. (I’ve never had use the fast forward button before opening credits are open.) So fuck Gus Van Sant, watch this instead.

Ozzy Osbourne – Behind The Music (VH1) – interesting. Maybe we should watch those final seasons of The Osbournes. So Tony Iommy of Black Sabbath used to kick Ozzy’s ass in school, before Ozzy dropped out? That had to have been an awkward first practice session. It’s nice to finally hear the skinny about him biting the head off the bird (on purpose), and the bat (accidental). Had no idea that he had tried to *KILL* Sharon while on a binge. She’s quite forgiving. We have Sharon Osbourne to thank for all the good Ozzy albums.

Ramones – appearance – Howard Stern – Joey & Marky, just retiring. Joey doesn’t want to talk about his OCD. Joey talks about his future, which as we all know now did not really exist, which is sad.

punk – Degeneration Punk – 45min – Longer “videos” than in “The Punk Years”, and generally not as well done. However, it had some insights I did not know. Sid Vicious got bailed out for the murder of Nancy, but he didn’t just go O.D. on heroin right away like in the movie “Sid & Nancy”. No. He hung out for a few months, got a new girlfriend, hit a guy in the face with a beer mug, had his bail revoked, was taken to a detox center, and finally made bail a 2nd time. THAT night he had a party with 10 friends til 2AM, and talked about how he looked forward to his music career. But he OD’ed that night. Our theory is that his tolerance went down while he was in detox, and then he had a big party and took amounts of drugs that only an experienced partier should be taking — NOT someone who just got out of detox. Anyway, this documentary basically covered 1976-1978 only. X-Ray Spex were also in this one.

punk – Punk Years – a 10-episode BBC documentary series about punk. Starting with the ‘glam’ influence, The Adverts, good coverage of the Sex Pistols (Sid Vicious was considered by some to be the smartest one?!), the D.I.Y. culture, fanzines, Atari Teenage Riot coverage, punk’s unwitting early nods to Nazi-ism and skinheads, album art, etc…

WrathChild America – 9min documentary on them before they ever made their big break / had albums / were on MTV .. back when they were just “WrathChild”, before they were big enough to be sued by WrathChild in UK, forcing them to tack “America” to the end of their name. Shannon Larkin’s mom is a hairdresser in West Virginia and does their hair. I’m pretty sure one of the other members went to my high school, Woodbridge High. They also have an excellent punk side-project called “Kiddie Porn XXX”. Simply having that album in my collection has gotten me banned from forums! People don’t understand that IT’S THE NAME OF A BAND. Ironically, I have more of their music than the City Paper said existed, but only because I used SoulSeek to download songs directly from one of the band members. The Kiddie Porn XXX side-project doesn’t exactly receive wide distribution — and I’m sure the name has something to do with it.


Back To The Future – Secrets Of The Back To The Future Trilogy (1990)

Blade Runner – On the Edge of Blade Runner (2000) (52min) – verrry interesting. So Deckard was possibly a replicant himself?! The unicorn still confuses me. I didn’t even know that was a possibility. I had forgotten Daryl Hannah was in it. And the guy who plays Larry in Newhart was in it (“I’m Larry, and this is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl”)! And… Brand’s mom in Six Feet Under (the bitchy one who got the vaginal reconstructive surgery in the show) was in it too?! We both definitely need to watch this again. Clint saw it in the theatre in 1982 at age 8, his first rated R movie. And again in college (director’s cut) around 1992-1996ish. Carolyn has zero recollection of it. She may not have EVER seen it, which is surprisng to me. Hadn’t put 2 and 2 together that Philip K. Dick wrote this AND A Scanner Darkly. I wish I had time to read books, because Philip K. Dick might be someone I’d start with. Supposedly Harrison Ford purposely did a bad job on the voiceover narration, because he didn’t want them to use it. The voiceover, and the happy ending, were corporate/hollywood additions that went against director Ridley Scott‘s artistic vision.

Faces Of Death: Fact Or Fiction (~1hr) – an interesting 1998 “documentary” about Faces Of Death… A reporter interviews Conan, the creator and director of the Faces Of Death series. He has a voice-changing modulator and does not show his face. He completely reminds us of “Jigsaw” from the Saw movies. Except that rather than killing people by creating an elaborate game, he simply makes movies about people getting killed instead. But their stated goal is the same: To get the person on the receiving end to have a deeper understanding of death, and a greater appreciation of life. It is actually quite poetic, in the absolute darkest, most morbid way. “Have the Christian right, who have denounced this movie, actually WATCHED it? I don’t think so.” he says. ALSO: STUNNING REVELATION (for me) that some of the scenes were indeed fake recreations of real events. The giant leech on the woman’s arm; The Vietnamese dog-eating family; The monkey-brain-eating; the failed carjack amputee (real amputee, but his leg was ALREADY gone). Not all were simulated. Just some. No need to simulate a slaughterhouse, or an execution in a country other than America (we have a real death stigma here, and are one of the few places that outlaw the filming of a documentary). They also interviewed this other guy, Dr. something, who was another pivotal figure in Faces Of Death. This guy was close to death himself, yet says he urinates his pants when he thinks of his own death, and would rather not talk about it. He thought Mengele’s human-flesh lampshades were really cool. He seems a lot crazier than this Conan character. He was creepy. I could chat and hang out with Conan. It would be very morbid and goth. But the Doctor guy? I thini I wouldn’t want to be in same room with him, if not for the fact that he is so feeble as to not actually be a threat. Either way, the documentary was enlightening, and may as well have been a dvd extra for one of the FoD movies themselves. Watching it while eating dinner? Priceless. The moral of the story? Tacos taste JUST as good when looking at autopsy footage and decomposing bodies.
Star Wars – George Lucas 60 minutes interview before Revenge Of The Sith – yet we have very little recollection of this

Nightmare On Elm Street – The Making Of – Never Sleep Again (2006) (50min) – We watched this right after watching the Tales From The Crypt documentary. Very interesting. Had no idea that Johnny Depp‘s first movie ever (way before 21 Jump Street) was Elm Street! And yet, Freddie Krueger (Robert Englund) has actually starred in more things since than Johnny Depp. (He has to work a bit harder, not being a super-celeb like Depp…) But anyway, it’s nice to know the MPAA censored the movie. Bastards.


Bill O’Reilly’s appearance on Stephen Colbert, and Stephen Colbert’s appearance on Bill O’Reilly – both were funny as hell. O’Reilly just doesn’t get it. Not really a documentary, but thought I’d mention it here.

Douglas Adams – Life, The Universe, & Douglas Adams – a big fucking shame that he died so young (49), because it would have been great to see what his mind would do with the next 30 years. It’s funny that he didn’t even WANT to be a writer, he was more of a performer. And I didn’t know that Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy was a radio show before it was a book! It’s sad that he didn’t get to see the post-2000 version of HHG2TG… He thought of HHG2TG while laying drunk in a field. Awesome.

George Orwell’s 1984 (Discovery-Great Books) (46m) – Very interesting, about Eric Blair (aka George Orwell). His wife died during routine surgery, but he survived being shot through the throat. It affected his speech the rest of his life. Some talk about Animal Farm, including the fact that the Napoleon character is actually Stalin (and all other animals represented real-life political figures– I was too young to fully catch on to this when I read it in middle school.) But most of the talk was specifically about the book 1984, and how many facets spoken of in the book are indeed coming true.

George Orwell – A Life in Pictures (1h28m) – The Discovery-Great Books Orwell special was straight-forward and informative. This one utilized much greater artistic license. Apparently Orwell was never recorded in either video or audio, despite having been a radio speaker for several years, working as a BBC propaganda piece during WW2. So they had actors PLAY Orwell, and answer questions as if they were him. Chain smoke as if they were him. The end result was that, assuming everything is accurate, you got a much greater *feel* for who Orwell was, what motivated him, what his beliefs were, and why those beliefs were right. He knew that pacifism equaled fascism; that to fight is necessary to stop fascism; that totalitarianism is the number one thing to fight. He was a great man and a personal hero. It is interesting to note that when he wrote 1984, he was dying, he knew he was dying, and he basically moved to the country to write his dying book. Some of his final words included what he believes the future will hold for us. To imagine the future: imagine a boot, stomping on a face — forever.

George Orwell – The Real Room 101 (28min) – This was the lamest of the 3. Not about Orwell’s life, not that much about 1984, it is literally just about… Room 101. Was it based on Room 101 in the BBC, where Orwell worked near? Is there a “real” room 101? Blah, blah, blah. Don’t watch this one.

H.G. Wells – Time Traveler (History Channel) – This doc completely surpassed my expectations. H.G. Wells was an amazing man who we knew next-to-nothing about. Originally a draper by trade, he threatened to kill himself if not allowed to pursue his dream. His mother never quite accepted that decision. An early proponent of feminism, free love, swinging, threesomes, foursomes, and sexual freedom in general, he wanted to defy the laws of tradition and completely do away with the institution of marriage. He lived an open marriage with a wife he loved, but who, well, was too sexually repressed for his taste. She let him be with other women, even buying their babies clothes and buying housewarming presents when he had a house built for a lover in France. He was a socialist, and very much wanted a one world nation, in order to end all war. His declaration of human rights was the basis for the U.N.’s declaration of human rights. He predicted tanks, air warfare, World War 1, the London blitz, and the invasion of Polanc by Germany. In fact, a movie was made about these real-life events — before they became true. He predicted the atom bomb, and one of his books helped motivation one of the developers of the atom bomb into thinking it would be possible (oops!). He considered mankind a dying species, unless it could learn how to stop warring with itself. In general, he openly defied convention, and remained successful while doing so. He should be an idol.

Jennifer Connelly – Inside The Actors Studio (48m) – she’s actually very down-to-earth, talks like she’s not so smart at times, but then uses very smart words at other times. Had no idea she has been in THREE movies that end with her standing, alone, at the end of a dock (usually in a red dress). And it’s a coincidence? Hey Angel–She’s from the Catskills… and Woodstock(?).

Julia Louie-Dreyfus – Inside The Actors Studio – she’s cool. neat seeing pictures of her in high school and such.

Mr. Rogers – Bio By Day (43m) – Wow. Mr. Rogers is exactly the same in real life as he is on the show! The ultimate softie. Had no idea that it was originally “Misterogers” and was originally a Canadien show before coming to America. He actually threw away a TV career to go work for a new station that hadn’t even started yet – the first educational station. And that’s how the whole american Mr. Rogers started. 1700 episodes were made!

Nicole Kidman (Biography Channel) (22m) – she’s sooooooooooooo hot. And very talented. Funny that they didn’t really mention “Birth”, the worst movie she was ever in. No clue she took such a beating during the filming of Milan Rouge – dropped and broke her rib, fell down a flight of stairs and messed up her knee, wore a corset which *re*-broke her rib. Sheesh.

Nostradamus (VGN) (20070109) (45min) – meh, was hoping it would talk about more of what he said, instead of how he’s b.s. and his life history. Interesting that there are now claims he predicted 911 and Katrina.

Paris Hilton – Larry King Paris Interview (43m) – awww, look at her pretend to be reformed. “I’ve never done drugs”, she says. Yet has posted videos of her “allegedly” doing that! They looked like drugs to me!

Paris Hilton’s Most Shocking Moments (VH1) – wow. She really is a stupid spoiled bitch!

Phil Schneider – 1 full lecture, and excerpts of past lecutres – government alien conspiracy theorist, mysteriously died of a ‘suicide’ via self-strangulation despite having lost 3 of his fingers (makes it kinda hard to strangle yourself?). He also left notes for a long time stating that if he ever died of a ‘suicide’, that it was actually the U.S. government. Shot on multiple occasions by persons unknown, he was mysteriously killed 2 months after his last recorded lecture. His apartment ransacked, conspiracy stuff stolen, no jewelry or money stolen. Read his ex-wife’s open letter to the public about his death. It was not suicide as far as his wife was concerned. And she had left him, yet still takes this position.

William Shatner – Bio By Day (43m) – This should have come with a spoiler alert as I have not seen the last Ster Trek movie with Kirk in it. Oops! But anyway… FOUR wives? Damn man.

William Shatner – How Shatner Changed The World (1h34m) – This one blew the Bio By Day documentary away! Comic relief and self-deprecating humor from Shatner made it more than merely informational; it made it entertaining. Anyway, this doc successfully proved to me that Star Trek really, really, really DID change the world. Interviews with people such as the inventor of the cell phone, the first black astronaut in space, the inventer of the 1970s Altair computer, etc, etc, all pointed to these people being inspired as a kid — by Star Trek. William Shatner himself [at the very least acted as if he] did not believe it at first… it was news to him. Or so they pretend. Anyway, this actually turned out to be high quality dinner entertainment for 6 or so meals.

William Shatner – appearance Howard Stern – William Shatner & The Homo Room (19960402) (25m) – it was funny seeing Shatner totally overwhelmed, but he actually was a pretty good sport about it


BumfightsA Video Too Far – EXTREMELY interesting to see a documentary about something you just watched. Several of us watched Bumfights (B.F.K.) a few years ago, when it first came out. It was indead “groundbreaking” and one of the hardest realities seen outside of Faces Of Death and snuff-type films and fecal/bestial porn. The two friends watching who had been briefly homeless were particularly offended, which I found to be a predictable subjective and emotional response (though understandable). The “Bum Hunter” Steve Irwin parody was both hilarious and regrettable at the same time. But I am a fan of truth and reality, harsh though they may be, and think that “ignorance is bliss” is the worst cliche in existence. So I wanted the video. And I got it. And I watched it. And I didn’t feel guilty about it. Anyway, this whole 50-minute documentary was about the filmmaker of Bumfights, and the two main homeless featured in it. The guy with the tattoo on his forehead is still homeless. The guy who broke the other guy’s ankle now works in a Veterans Hospital. Both are now suing the filmmakers in civil court, and the filmmakers have a misdemeanor conviction on their record for paying people to fight. Filming is legal, you see — it’s just capturing the truth. But PAYING someone to fight is not allowed. Yet, we have professional boxing. Does anyone else see a bit of hypocracy here? You are allowed to make money certain ways, through legitimate, established channels. Yet if you do the same thing through non-establishment channels, you become a criminal. I guess punching people for money is only okay on ESPN and in Fight Club. Anyway, it’s too bad these guys were exploited, but they also signed their own consent forms and agreed to everything that happened when it did. Exploitation is unfortunate, but a product that sold 300,000+ copies and made $6M+ obvously met some sort of demand. The title of Bumfights is actually “Bumfights: A Cause For Concern”, and it indeed was. Finding out the backstory to it all only served to make it realer. (To find it on IMDB, search for “Cause For Concern”.)

Feral Children – about children raised by animals (or left in an empty room chained to a potty seat for 13 years). Quite interesting, and kind of sad too. The world will apparantly never know just what happened with Genie Wiley, thanks to a lawsuit filed by her mother — and that is a diaappointment.
I Shouldn’t Be Alive – S3E05 – Blood In The Water (42m) – insane – boat attached by hippo, capsized, crocodiles every 20 ft, trapped on a sand bar in the middle of a river overnight with crocodiles swarming, one guy makes it to shore but is attacked by crocodiles, a cape buffalo mysteriously DOESN’T attack him, but he falls unconcious, only alive because man-eating ants attacked him in the morning, giving him a surge of adrenaline that made him run to shore where he was later discovered…. everyone lived?! Crazy.

Scientology & Me (BBC Panorama) (20070514) (29m14s) – So, the fucking Scientologist CULT members were AT THE VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE offering their “help” to victims. They also hijacked The Fucking Holocaust, saying that Psychiatry is why people were euthanized; psychiatry is an “institute of death”. Anyway, this was a great documentary that made headlines when the guy who made it lost it and yelled at this scientologist. That clip was taken out of context and replayed over and over; I’d seen it long before I saw this doc. However, Sweeny was COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED in yelling at Mr. Scientologist, even as a journalist. The cultist routinely talked over him and was just a complete prick the entire time. It’s amazing the sad depths this cult will stoop to, including their “fair game” attempt to “destroy” any critics of the religion. Kirstie Ally & Juliette Lewis must be total idiots as well. (Oh wait, I think I knew that already…) As a grandson of a cult founder, I find scientology in particular to be disgusting, and I have no tolerance for it. HARD LIMIT. Someone should go back in time to before I was born, and KILL L. RON HUBBARD before he started this mess.Seriously, though — it’s a cult. Cult. Cult. Cult.


Cop Watch – These Streets Are Watching (53m) – about Cop Watch, who films the police to document misconduct. This was a GREAT video, and really no citizen should go without watching something like this. The Cop Watch movement has helped rights an incredible amount, without people even realizing it. Who watches the watchers, right?

Kill The Messenger (52min) – about an FBI whistleblower, Silbel Edmonds, who discovered that spies had infiltrated the FBI translation department. Upon reporting this, her superiors, their supperiors, and FBI Director Robert Mueller all tried to cover it up. Then, she was fired. After appealing to the courts and to congress, no one would do anything about the spies, so she contacted the media. John Ashcroft would have nothing of this, and gagged her (legally). The Justice Dept confirmed she had been terminated unfairly, yet the FBI was using State Secrets to keep any truth from being uncovered. As it turns out, she was investigating the American Turkish Council, a group that the video implied may be helping proliferate nuclear weapons to a network in Pakistan. The U.S. government clearly does not want its cizens knowing this, and watching this documentary was thoroughly disturbing. Sibel Edmonds is a hero.

NEVER GET BUSTED: An ex-cop felt really guilty about all the lives he ruined, and had a change of heart. He decided to create a dvd specifically about how not to get busted smuggling drugs. It was quite interesting, and came with several hints: Travel with a cat. Hide pot in food. Put fox/deer urine on your tires. Pack it up immediately before going. Don’t hide it in the exterior of the vehicle. Crevices behind the dashboard, or up high above where a dog can smell. DON’T have a “police support” type sticker! OR a dare sticker! Travel during rush-hour. When a cop passes you, DON’T stare forward — look at him just like you would look at any vehicle. No Jesus fish! No bibles! When pulled over, don’t light a cigarette RIGHT then. DON’T touch your head or show your open palms – signs of deception. Keep your stories straight. Once an officer gives you a ticket – YOU ARE FREE TO GO. You also have no additional/Miranda rights once you are free to go. If he tells you he’s not giving you a ticket – you are also free to go. Answer no questions. Leave.

The Power Of Nightmares – 1_Baby It’s Cold Outside – VERY interesting stuff. Looks like the guy (Kotb) who inspired Zawahiri to mentor Bin Laden became a radical–wait for it–because the C.I.A. tortured him with dogs in the 1960s! So, this Abu Ghraib junk is NOTHING NEW; we can assume that it is likely that the C.I.A. has been doing it for decades, and we can assume they are lying when they say they don’t do things like this. They covered him in dog food, and put him in a cell with dogs trained to attack humans. He decided to launch a culture war against everyone corrupt, planned to flood the entire Nile area (yes, terrorism against brother Muslims), was tried for treason, and excuted. Meanwhile, a group of neo-conservatives (in the late 1960s), Paul Wolfowitz and the like, decided that society needs to be controlled. Politics have gone from “promising dreams” to “promising avoidance of nightmares”. In the 1970s, a young Rumsfeld claimed that the fact that the C.I.A. could not detect any Russian weapons meant that the Russians actually had weapons that we could not detect. You see, Rumsfeld was a warmonger on false evidnece EVEN IN THE 1970s! Iraq is nothing new. Same cronies, different decade. Also — there were many parallels between societal changes in Egypt & Iran, and societal changes in America, around 1975-1985. It’s scary how similar we are to the “bad guys”.

The Power Of Nightmares – 2_The Phantom Victory – more interesting stuff, continued from part 1. Most initial Islamic terrorism was Islam-on-Islam. In Algeria, 1000s were killed by terrorism. What did the military generals in Algeria do? They infiltrated the terror groups and encouraged the groups to kill even more people. They did this so that they could increase their own power, politically! Sound familiar? It sure as hell sounds familiar to me. (Mohamad Atta is said to be a CIA asset, by the way.) The same neocon-mentality in America was used to villify Bill Clinton, a threat to the neocon way of life. (Of course, I’m no fan of Clinton, who put more non-violent pot-smokers in prison than Bush 1 and Reagan combined. Given that he smoked the stuff, he is a huge hypocrite.) What I am seeing are an astounding — EVEN TO ME — number of similarities between the American Neocon movement, and the Islamic Fundamentalist movement. They are both two sides of the exact same coin, and are both responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

The Power Of Nightmares – 3_The Shadows In The Cave – I’d heard this before, but this ‘verified’ that the phrase “Al Queda” was made up in an American courtroom. Why? Legal reasons. Mafia laws allow you to target the head of an organization, and convict him even if he is not directly linked to crimes. This is only if one is the head of a criminal organization. So, the phrase “Al Queda” was made up in a U.S. courtroom to allow them to indict Bin Laden. I am sure that once we coined it, Osama ran with it. He may not have used the term before, but I’m sure he uses it now. So — get thisL: U.S. accused Arabs in Detroit of being in a sleeper cell. They were turned in by an informant. It was discovered the informant was wanted internationally for fraud. Regardless, the FBI lowered his sentence in exchange for him testifying against these Arabs. They took a video at Disneyworld. “Expert” testimony said that the fact that the video looked like a tourist video was merely a guise, a way of disguising the fact that they were actually ‘casing’ Disneyworld for a terror attack. In the Indiana Jones ride, they panned across a trash can for one second. The ‘expert’ who analyzed the video tape said this shows that they were casing places they could launch attack from (i.e. plant bombs, anthrax, whatever). They actually said that the fact that it looks like a tourist tape is proof that it is not. Doublethink to further a political agenda? I think so. The Lakawanna “Sleeper Cell” WERE people who trained at an Al Queda training camp, but they came back and did nothing. After a year of FBI surveillance, one sent an email saying “I’m getting married, I wont be seeing you anymore.” This was the ‘codede evidence’ used to arrest them for being a sleeper cell. The charges were dropped, and then they charged them for having gone to the camp (But not for being a sleeper cell). More: A group of students who supported Kashmiri independence who were playing paintball in the woods were convicted of training for a terror attack on American soil. Basically, the administration wants us to fear terrorism and hand our rights over, and the media is being used as a tool to achieve this.

The Yes MenHilariously Amazing anti-WTO activism!! Guys setup fake WTO site, and get invited to conferences. They gave multiple lectures, spoke on CNN — all while delivering messages which made the WTO look bad. VERY subversive. Flying to other countries just to subvert. For instance, one lecture they gave was on “reburgers”. It was basically a pitch for eating shit. And people thought the real WTO was pitching this. This is an awesome form of political activism via subterfuge.

Unfinished Business – Japanese American Internment Cases (PBS) (58min) – Informative documentary about one of the darkest eras in American history, during which we forced 100,000+ american citizens of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps. They called it an “evacuation order”. I think they called the prison camps “relocation centers”. Typical doublethink — “Evacuation order”, “relocation center”, “person of interest”, “enemy combatant”. The government ignored the problems it created, as usual, and it took 40 years for court action to begin. One man who protested the evacuation order by not adhering to it was placed in solitary for 9 months, and could not get federal or state employment for those 40 years due to his criminal record. Absolutely no admission of wrongdoing from the government until legal action forced the courts to rebuke the 1940s Supreme Court ruling (this was the first time the courts ever did this). It also turns out that the military doctored, destroyed, and fabricated various evidence to make it look like there was a “military necesity” to do these things when in fact there was not. The major architects of this civil rights crime of the century of course get away with everything scot-free.


Parallel Universes (BBC) (45m28s) – only watched 40% of it or so, and most was missed by Carolyn – interesting stuff about 10 dimensions, 11 dimensions, string theory, membrane theory …. it actually brought about some insightful revelations


24: Kiefer Sutherland & The Cast Of 24 – appearance – Larry King Live (20070109) (43m) – interesting. Kiefer says that even if they killed his character off, the show would continue to be good.

24: E! True Hollywood Story 24 (43m34s) – Keifer Sutherland’s daughter is named after Sarah Jessica Parker? He almost married Julia Roberts? 24 was originally going to be a romantic comedy about the day before a wedding?!?! Keifer only did the pilot because he thought it would NOT get picked up; he really didn’t want to do TV.

E! True Hollywood Story – Full House (1h27m) – watched 85% of this, not always in the same room – surprisingly interesting. That chubby tween oldest-sister-girl grew up to be a hot blonde too. No idea the Olsen twins were like a billion-dollar-a-year industry unto themselves, or that Bob Saget frequently got in trouble for making imappropriate jokes in front of the child actors.

Tales From The Crypt – From Comic Books To Television (55min) – We initially watched this thinking we would skim through it, as we skim through much of our documenataries just to get to the interesting parts. However, this turned out to be WAAYY more interesting than expected. (We watched it over 3 nights’ dinners.) First off, we didn’t really know that Tales From The Crypt had a rich comic-based history. We’d never heard of Bill Gaines, and had no idea that the creator of Tales From The Crypt was also the creator of Mad Magazine. Knowing that, the world now makes slightly more sense. The comic history is amazing; these comics are what created the abominable “comic code” by which many stories were censored. E.C. comics, the company involved, stopped publishing comics because of the censorship. The last story in the last comic ever printed was about an astronaut who visits a racist planet, and takes off his helmet at the end to reveal that he is black. “You can’t have a black man”, they were told. Finally, they got them to aquiesce to “fine, but you can’t show those beads of sweat on him”. Fortunately, the franchise still makes money. But the story was *surprisingly* similar to Larry Flynt — and even Kinsey! All these people, publishing edgy material, getting f’ed over by their fellow human being. It makes me sick. Knowing that Night Of The Living Dead is inspired by E.C. comics such as Tales From The Crypt makes me realize that this Bill Gaines character has probably influenced a good chunk of art that we have experienced, without us ever knowing about it. Neat.

VH1 Goes Inside Primetime Cartoons (43m) – awesome ‘documentary’ about, well, pretty much every cartoon we are really a big fan of – SeaLab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Lab, The Simpsons, PowerPuff Girls, Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Ambiguously Gay Duo, Harvey Birdman:Attorney At Law – nice to see the faces of many of my favorite producers and writers (Cat Cressida is hot!)