movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] A horror movie rated only 4.8? It seems anything involving drugs gets its rating “buried” by the puritan prohibitionists. For us, a movie involving drugs makes it a lot more interesting, and this was an obvious horror to watch, even if the cast was a bunch of nobody kids, and the director a nobody as well.

QUIRKS: Tripping. Shrooms. People doing shrooms. People doing poisonous shrooms that should kill you, and then getting futuristic visions. Bad, bad things happening, without knowing whether they are real elements of a real horror, or simply mushroom-induced hallucinations.

CONCLUSION: I thought it was great, and Carolyn seemed especially disturbed by it. I think she was actually scared during a lot of the movie. I was definitely thrilled, but am pretty much never scared during something like this. Still, the idea of trying not to be killed WHILE tripping on shrooms does add an interesting element of conflict here. Where typically horror movies have people acting like dumbass morons for no reason, at least with mushrooms involved there is a valid reason for acting stupid.

RECOMMENDATION: If you like horror movies, or drug movies, you should see this. If you watch a movie every nite, this wont be the best movie of the week… But it’s definitely an interesting horror movie to check out.

COINCIDENCES: Teeth & Shrooms – 2 movies we watched 2 nights in a row with male genital mutilation.
Bridge To Terabithia & Shrooms – 2 movies we watched 2 nights in a row with an abandoned vehicle in the woods

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Nobody else watched this. :)

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