20080713 - Cheech & Chong ticket stub

It was decent. The binoculars REALLY helped, since we were in the very last row. Chong’s hot older wife opened. We left late (6:45PM and they start seating at 6:30PM for a 7:00PM show). I spoon fed Carolyn her dinner as she drove, since we were in mid-meal when we realized we had to get the hell out of here–and fast! We didn’t miss anything and even managed to snag a drink at the bar.

And it sucks that they made Chong serve 9 months in jail! Remember, kids: Our country imprisons at the highest rate of any country on the planet. By some strict interpretations, that might mean it’s the least free country. Anyway — their description of the bust was pretty funny. “Do you have any drugs in the house?” “Uhh, I’m Tommy Chong, what do you think?”

Other than that, they didn’t really do anything new — just slightly modernized variations of their standard acts and songs. Cheech has no mustache. Their humor is most certainly not edgy — or even in the top tier of funniness. However, they are cultural icons — and must be worshipped as such.

Anyway, it was good to go.

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Music: Treblinka – Evilized