movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] When I first saw this at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse … I had a bit too much wine, nachos, and cigarettes. I ended up remembering nothing about the movie even as the credits rolled. All I remembered is that I knew I liked it, and should re-watch it. Finally, years later, I did.

BAD STUFF: I really didn’t find anything bad about this movie at all. It was a great epic fantasy movie, and it had its own legend. And how often do such movies deal with pirates? After Lord Of The Rings, and several childhood-fantasy movies such as Pan’s Labyrinth … It was nice to have something pirate-based.

CONCLUSION: Loved it. 5 stars. This is how fantasy movies should be done.

RECOMMENDATION: See it. Unless you have some inexplicable hate of fantasy and/or pirates and/or Johnny Depp.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Carolyn, Jordan, Christian D, Kipp, Eric M, Becky S, Wayne H, Scott S all loved it. Metinee and 55+-year-old ex-co-worker Jacqueline only really liked it. No ratings below 4 stars in the 11 people I know who have rated it.

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