October 2008


Fairfax County college students are being forced to wait in line for hours to vote, or pollworkers are requiring voters to present photo ID even though your state’s laws allow non-photo ID, like utility bills.
[Source: CREDO]

If anyone has friends or family going to school in Fairfax — for example GMU — please get this message to them. (more…)

It’s quite interesting that prohibitoininsts in Michigan are fighting the proposed medical marijuana referendum by showing commercials on TV with “footage” of a child going to a medical marijuana dispensery, and “patients” (people on pot) assaulting an elderly woman.

If you haven’t seen the movie Reefer Madness, you really should, because they showed how smoking pot would cause you to kill people with your first use.

Nevermind the fact that the Michigan law DOESN’T EVEN ALLOW dispenseries OR children to use it.

Prohibition is only ever justified with specious logic. (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We went through a phase of watching spoof-genre movies. There’s just not enough comedy for us! This movie has an honor of being one of IMDB‘s bottom-100 worst movies ever — only 67 movies have IMDB ratings lower than the 2.2 that this movie got. That’s out of 10,000+ movies!

PEOPLE: Written by 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie. That’s about all they can brag about. Oh, they have Crispin Glover.

QUIRKS: Being a spoof genre movie meant the entire movie was quirky. That might be a merciful adjective. Movies parodied/referenced in one form or another include: The Da Vinci Code, Nacho Libre, Snakes On A Plane, Willy Wonka, The Chronicles Of Narnia, American Pie (Stifler’s Mom plays The White Bitch, equivalent of The White Queen from proper Narnia), Harry Potter (Harry Beaver), Pirates Of The Caribbean (Caption Jack Swallows), Lord Of The Rings, Click (sort of, with a Tivo scene), Superman Returns, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, and Lazy Sunday (as a Pirates Of The Caribbean rap).

BAD STUFF: Many say this is the worst spoof movie ever made. I think I might agree, because I really remembered nothing about the movie within 2 days. I had to refresh my memory on IMDB just to write this.

CONCLUSION: It sucks for its genre — but not so hard that there are only 67 movies in existence that suck worse. I could find 67 movies that *I* hate more out of every calendar year since movies came out in those numbers. :) Still, even Scary Movie 4 (which I liked) was better than this. This still got a generic pass from us for being a decent night’s low-effort entertainment.

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re a comedy/spoof fanatic, and just can’t get enough — rent this for a Monday night movie. Don’t get excited over it. There will be some laughs, but don’t expect anything like the good spoof movies.

MOVIE QUOTE: Silas [to White Bitch, in subtitles]: “Beat me like Bobby beats Whitney! Allegedly.”

COINCIDENCES: Terminator 2 – also had expanding boobs in a scene.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj didn’t like it.


Guess I’ll use my OTHER computer to download the files. Thank you for failing me once again Firefox.  Looks like Firefox looks in the environment for %TMP to use as a temporary folder. Nevermind the fact that windows uses %TEMP internally, so I tend to use %TMP (no E) in my own scripts. Look what happens if %TMP is set to a file (d:\documents and settings\oh\local settings\temp\4nt36c.tmp-) instead of a folder: Firefox can’t save. This includes “Save As” too!  The only solution is to close firefox, unset %TMP, and re-start it.

Here’s a hint to the Firefox developers: If a file can’t save, check if the directory is valid. If it’s not, check %TEMP instead of %TMP! If that’s still invalid, use the recycle bin as a temp folder! There’s really no excuse for firefox to fail in a practically-undocumented way such as this. It’s taken me awhile to put two and two together that this is what’s happening. Lame.

OTHER IRONY: The computer downstairs’s Firefox breaks such that you can’t type addresses into the addressbar. This happens if it’s open for about 24 hours (and I only reboot 2-3 times a month). So not only do I have to copy the address from my firefox on this computer onto the other computer to save the file, but I have to do it at the command-line to make firefox open it.  Score another victory for the superior realiability of the command-line. Memory leaks and such can’t make generally command-line commands fail the same way they can make GUI elements fail. It’s the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

RM says: “Honestly, this issue has less to do with homosexuality (for me) than my belief in states’ rights. As a person of christian faith, I strongly believe that to win people over to our faith, we must live as positive examples, rather than legislate positions.

This is why I believe that the federal government should stay out of issues like abortion. It we (Christians) want to support the respect for life, that should happen in our homes first. Not legislated from Washington.

So, congratulations, you have helped me shape my position on this issue. I choose to remain politically neutral to gay marriage, but personally opposed. And if I can influence others to my perspective, so be it.

So, consider this a victory by you on this debate. You sank my battleship.”

If only spreading sanity could be successfully accomplished 1 person at a time…. Though it still took me well over an hour. (more…)

But worse than being sick is having a miserable day getting very little done between 7AM and Midnight, falling alseep for only 1.5 hours, and waking up at 1:30AM unable to sleep despite being sick. Oh, and not being able to go to the doctor because my car wont start. And of course, being sick, I really don’t feel like dealing with the car issue at the moment. If we can’t jump start it, I’ll have it towed up to Tacoma, MD, where Carolyn’s uncle can work on it again. It better not be the fucking alternator (alternator number five, still under warranty.).

So I played Culdcept all night (well, 2:30-7AM), winning the last 2 maps, and completing story mode, gaining 2 more medals for a total of 15. (Out of 50. I’m done with the game but still have a long way to go for 100% completion, as we rarely play 1-player. I’ve now played Culdcept for over 400 hours total, though I thought it was over 500 hours last time I checked.) And saw Carolyn off to work.

Now it’s 10AM, and I’ve been up 25.5 of the last 27 hours. And I probably wont go to bed til midnite tonite when Carolyn goes to bed. Maybe if I CoolEdit enough WAV files (I’m processing my incoming music backlog these days) and sedate myself slightly, I’ll finally be able to mentally fatigue myself enough to take a nap before Carolyn comes home. But it’s unlikely.

I better not fall asleep during Heroes, which we plan to watch tonite!

blah. I don’t usually go to the doctor, but since it’s a big party weekend, I was willing. Too bad about the car. Even if we were to jump start it tonite at 6PM, I seriously doubt going to the doctor on wednesday is going to cure me by friday. The only time I ever got an instant cure at the doctor’s was when I went to a specialist who gave me a direct injection of the steroidal drug Dexadrone (which they warned me makes your balls itch for 60 seconds; I only felt it for about 3 seconds and they were all very disappointed). I went from having 3 weeks of mononucleosis to being COMPLETELY better, INSTANTLY AND PERMANENTLY. Of course when I told this to the HMO doctors at Kaiser-Permanente, they were like, “Why would anyone do that?”

Indeed. Why would anyone cure a sick person? There’s far more money to be made in prescriptions and follow-up co-pays!

As such, compared to that experience, I find most Doctor care to be quite mediocre. If you can’t cure me in 10 minutes, why should I give you a $25 co-pay? My current primary care physician SUUUCKS. His office refused to take my medical records for the last 2 years from Kaiser-Permanente. After all, who needs records? It’s just my fucking medical care, that’s all. (more…)

Nofx kicked ass!!

Ram’s Head said they were playing at 11:30, so we aimed to get there at 10:30 by leaving at 9:15. Turns out that, as usual, Ram’s Head has no clue what is going on in their own club, and they started playing around 10:50 instead. We barely managed to get our drink on (not counting the 8oz bottle of mixed drink we consumed in the parking lot) before they started playing. Pretty good timing. Their set was closer to 1.5 hrs than 1 hr, and we recognized every song. A couple of them took a thorough search to find the proper title of (Shut Up Already, Linoleum). We were really surprised that Linoleum seemed to be the song the audience knew the most — it certainly wasn’t for us. Would have liked to have heard Vanilla Sex and perhaps more songs from Pump Up The Valuum, but overall, it’s really hard to go wrong with a 17 song setlist. (Unless you’re Ween; Ween plays closer to 30 songs, AND their songs are longer on average; 17 for a Ween show would be a ripoff!)

  1. 1. Dinosaurs Will Die
  2. 2. Brews
  3. 3. Murder The Govt – with alternate lyrics, talking about Bush gagging on Obama’s dick
  4. Fuck Da Kids – while they flicked off some 10 yr old kid brought by his meathead dad. When the show was over, they sent the guitar into the crowd. The 10 yr old kid returned it, but then NoFX gave it back to the kid and let him keep it for good
  5. Eat The Meek
  6. The Moron Brothers
  7. (Herb Albert cover)
  8. Bob
  9. Kill All The White Man
  10. Linoleum
  11. Radio (by Rancid)
  12. Louise
  13. Quart In Session
  14. Whoops, I OD’d
  15. Shut Up Already
  16. Bottles To The Ground
  17. last: Theme From A NoFX Album (last song) – and then the guy kept playing the accoridian for like 5 minutes while everyone else left and put away their equipment

The setlist for this concert is also posted HERE, on my List Of All Concerts I’ve Ever Gone To page.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the 6 stickers we bought for $5:
20081025 - 6 NoFX stickers

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Finally, our request of all Revenge Of The Nerds things comes to it’s near completion. We still have to get the new Panty Raid Edition of Revenge Of The Nerds 1 & 2, which includes the failed TV pilot. That should be some campy fun for a later date. This movie had the ultra-low IMDB rating of 2.8. For those who have been paying attention, here is the IMDB ratings for Revenge Of The Nerds movies #1 through #4: 6.2, 4.1, 3.1, and 2.8. For Netflix stars, it was 3.8, 3.0, 2.7, and 2.6.

PEOPLE: Corinne Bohrer joins the cast as Booger’s bride-to-be. I’ve always liked her strange form of weird attractiveness. The Gilbert character is completely gone. Stan Gable, played by Ted McGinley (aka Jefferson from Married With Children) and the Judy character (Laurel Moglen in the TV movies) now only exist as marginalized characters in cutaway scenes. This one pretty much focused on Booger, his bride, and Lewis Skolnick.

QUIRKS: I wish I had the scratch-and-sniff cards that were supposed to be sniffed at certain points, or the 3-D glasses (?!?!?!). According to the wikipedia page for Revenge Of The Nerds 4, that was a promotional gimmick they used when this made-for-TV movie originally aired.

GOOD STUFF: There was still some humor in seeing a stuck up rich family have to deal with nerds being in their family. It was a different dynamic than the jocks hating nerds being in their school. Imagine a guy who contributes to the Republican party having to deal with nerds at functions where he’s trying to raise campaign money! That’s a unique situation in the Revenge Of The Nerds franchise. So there were new forms of awkwardness to explore. Unfortunately…

BAD STUFF: It was definitely the worst Revenge Of The Nerds movie. As if anyone expected otherwise. It’s the first one that could be classified as a romantic comedy, instead of a straight/non-romantic comedy. That’s bad too. A lot more of the humor fell flat, and the plot simply wasn’t as funny to begin with.

CONCLUSION: This was worthy of its low IMDB rating, and only contained, at most, about 40% of the humor of the original Revenge Of The Nerds movie. At least a few of the various characters that were missing from movies #2 or #3 are still in this movie: Betty, Ogre, Lamar, Takashi, and U.N. Jefferson.

RECOMMENDATION: If you made it through 3, you should make it through this. A non-completist, non-fanboy should probably stop at Revenge Of The Nerds 2. But Carolyn & I follow through. When we’re into something — we march to the very end, no matter what. It was kind of sad for it to all be over — but at the current rate of decline, Revenge Of The Nerds 5 would have been HORRIBLE.

It’s also too bad that the remake that was being planned in 2007 has now been canceled!

MOVIE QUOTE: Mr. Skolnick: “How’s my unborn grandson?” / Lewis Skolnick: “You mean you’re unborn fetal son?”

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We’re up to movie #3 out of 4 in the Revenge Of The Nerds franchise. The last 2 are made-for-TV. The IMDB rating for this one drops to 3.1 (and then to 2.8 for the next movie).

PEOPLE: We still have Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine) and Booger (Curtis Armstrong). Betty (Julia Montgomery) returns to the franchise, as does supreme douchebag Stan Gable. Stan Gable is now recognizable as Ted McGinley, a.k.a. Jefferson D’Arcy, Marcy’s gigolo from Married With Children. We did not recognize him in Revenge Of The Nerds 1. Also returning are U.N. Jefferson and Gilbert, but Gilbert is only in it for a few seconds, and is no longer played by Anthony Edwards (who went on to do E.R. instead).

QUIRKS: We have a whole new set of nerds during this movie; it has been 8 years since Revenge Of The Nerds 1, so the original nerds are all grow’d up. Lambda Lambda Lambda now has a traditional, ritualistic hazing — and the hazing scenes were some of the funnier scenes in the movie. “Heck week” is when you are not allowed to use your computer for a whole week, as part of pledging. (Oh, the horror!!) They also accept female members, as any social organization resisting the establishment should. We still have pranks from Alpha Beta, only in this future — [highlight for spoilers] most of Adams College is nerds, and Alpha Beta are the outcasts. They actually wish they had some Alpha Beta nerds at this point. But that doesn’t stop Stan Gable from being a douchebag. He’s still mad that Lewis stole Betty from him in Revenge Of The Nerds 1. They do lose their house at one point.

BAD STUFF: This movie was significantly worse than the sequel. More humor fell flat. There was more than one song, and the collective good of all the songs do not even stand up to the song in Revenge Of The Nerds 2. Lewis Sklonick became a [highlight for spoilers] douchebag sellout who tried to pretend he wasn’t a nerd. Instead, he was a self-hating nerd. But at least he was married to nerd-lovin’ hottie Betty. The way the conflict resolves — [highlight for spoilers] a nerd strike — is also a bit contrived.

CONCLUSION: Only about 60% as good as Revenge Of The Nerds 1. (Revenge Of The Nerds 2 was about 75% as good.) The franchise is dying, and you can definitely feel that it is a TV movie — no thanks to seeing this in fullscreen format and not widescreen. Most of the original nerds are gone.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are a completist fanboy like me — then you still must see it. If you’d like to see how Lewis turns out when he grows up … Or hot Betty in a hot tub (if only for a few seconds) … Then maybe you should watch it for that. It’s also great to see Jefferson from Married With Children play a character that is basically a moron cop. Some moments of the movie, however, are downright painful. Although this still gets a “generic pass” rating of 3 stars on Netflix for us, I would IMDB this somewhere around 5.5 if I could. It’s a bit more than a neutral 5.0 — but barely. Now we have to watch Revenge Of The Nerds 4…

MOVIE QUOTE: Booger: “You don’t eat meat! You don’t do drugs! What’s wrong with kids today?”

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