movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Yay, another fantasy movie that we get to watch in 720p!

PEOPLE: Mary-Louise Parker is the mom of a troubled family — much like in her series Weeds. Seth Rogan plays the voice of Hogsqueal. Mark Waters, director of Mean Girls and the new Freaky Friday, directed this.

QUIRKS: A fantasy movie set in modern-day real life, but with CGI for the fantastical elements. This was good to watch after recently watching Bridge To Terabithia, because it’s not a tear-jerker. And it doesn’t come off as a childrens’ movie nearly as much. And, of course — the fantasy is actually REAL, which is neat.

CONCLUSION: This was a fun 4-star fantasy movie to watch. It’s no Pirates Of The Caribbean or Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings… But it’s certainly nailed fantasy-in-a-modern-world quite well. We are also vaguely reminded of The Golden Compass and Bridge To Terabithia. The events mostly take place within 48 hours or so, and the story is not super-deep. It’s simply a good, quick, family adventure.

RECOMMENDATION: If having kids in a movie doesn’t automatically turn you off… If a movie being a fantasy movie with cgi monsters doesn’t automatically turn you off… If you can’t get enough fantasy movies… Then you should probably watch this on one of your slower nights. Don’t make this movie the hilight of your week… But definitely devote a night to it.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: None have rated this, but it got a 6.9 on IMDB>

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