movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Wow! What a treat! A rooftop viewing of Friday The 13th 4 on Friday the 13th, during a full moon. (The movie was also released on a Friday the 13th, of course.) What a great idea — special thanks to Ian and Angel for running the event!

PEOPLE: Crispin Glover (aka McFly from Back To The Future)! Corey Feldman! A match made in hell.

QUIRKS: Crispin Glover attempting to dance is quite hilarious. Corey Feldman with murderous intent in his eyes is quite disturbing.

20080613 - Friday The 13th 4 @ Angel & Ian's rooftop - the movie setup - (by AE) - 2577341680_27a91e7c50_orooftop viewing experience

BAD STUFF: This movie came complete with everything bad about any Friday The 13th movie. Of course, one could argue that those features are also what makes such movies good. This movie only received a 5.0 rating on IMDB.

And of all the Friday The 13th movies, this is the only one where I can remember Jason getting unmasked, and actually killed. This is pretty awesome, except for the fact that it flies in the face of various “facts” established in the series — Mainly, that “Jason Vorhees cannot be killed, except by another Vorhees”. (Or Freddy?) At the end of the movie, we are led to believe that Jason Vorhees is dead, and Corey Feldman (wtf?!?!) is to be the new killer.

Does anyone remember if Friday The 13th 5 bothers to address this? Or do they simply gloss it over. It was still “Jason Vorhees” even hundreds of years later when they dug him up from earth and put him into a spaceship in Friday The 13th 10. So what gives?

CONCLUSION: Just another Friday The 13th movie. If you don’t know what to expect, this is a good example of how the first 6 or so movies felt.

RECOMMENDATION: No real recommendation here. If you’ve never seen a Friday The 13th movie, then Angel and Ian think this is the one you should watch. :)

MOVIE QUOTE: Rob Dier: “Jason’s body has disappeared from the morgue.” (Uh oh!)

COINCIDENCES: Watching a movie called Friday The 13th, released on a Friday the 13th, ON a Friday the 13th WOULD have been a coincidence — except all this was done on purpose.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Ian liked it. Benj hated it. Carolyn & I had fun watching it. I’d seen it before, but the rooftop setting made the experience a bit different.

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