Freezepop played at AnimeUSA!

I wore my cool T-Qualizer shirt (which I got for $60 from the UK before it was available over here), based on the experience of going to MC Chris, and NOT being the guy pulled onto the stage, because someone else had a T-Qualizer. That’s not going to happen again. (I’ve only seen 2 other T-Qualizers: The aforementioned magnificant bastard at MC Chris & one at the Starscape rave.) Lots of people asked about it. Lots of people were looking at it, and I thought they were looking at me, and was occasionally uncomfortable and trying to figure out why they were looking at me… Until I remembered it was the T-Qualizer shirt.

Anyway, there was a horrible opening band that was 2 Asian guys — one played drumpads (on a keyboard) using 2 fingers on each hand. He could have easily been replaced with a drum machine. The other played violin and sung. If you think that sounds bad — it was worse.

As for Freezepop, Kasson Crooker was not available and was replaced for this show, but Liz Enthusiasm and The Other Sean T. Drinkwater played, and some members of the (horrible) opening “band” sometimes played some backup instruments as well.

Freezepop played the following songs:

  1. Boys On Film
  2. Parlez Vous Freezepop?
  3. Science Genius Girl (diff mix than the FreQuency or Freezepop Forever versions)
  4. Bike Thief
  5. Get Ready 2 Rokk (from Guitar Hero 1)
  6. Frontload
  7. Super-Sprode (!) (from Guitar Hero predecessor Amplitude)
  8. Brainpower (my fave song on the new album, which is prob my least fave Freezepop album)
  9. Plastic Stars (!)
  10. Stakeout
  11. Less Talk More Rokk (from Guitar Hero 2)
  12. The Final Countdown (by Europe).

The only disappointing thing was that they did not Freezepop Forever or the Jem & The Holograms theme – the two most-requested songs by the audience.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6958 - playing, audience, right screen - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
As you can see, they had huge screens set up on both sides of the stage. But we were close enough to not need to use them.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6960 - playing, audience - yellow - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
They had a huge line that wrapped around multiple rooms. People waited 30+ minutes to get in. The show was at 11:30, but peopel were waiting at 11PM. Freezepop didn’t come on until 12:30PM! That drunk guy with his arm up was behind us in line for Freezepop. Quite belligerent, but in an annoying way, not an evil way. But there’s always one of those dudes at every concert. Ever. The Freezepop line was actually where we talked to the most people at AnimeUSA.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6963 - left screen, audience - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6966 - right screen - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6968 - playing - Sean scratches head - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
Not sure why Sean T. Drinkwater is scratching his head.

And then… I thought to myself… “It sure would be nice if they played Super-Sprode, but they probably wont… Because how many people here have actually heard the song from the Guitar Hero predecessor game Amplitude?”  And then… THEY DID!  And someone actually threw underwear on the stage when the lyrics said”now throw your undies on the stage… no wait…. you’re underage”! Someone must have been planning this!

“so throw your undies on the stage”

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6974 - No wait! You're underage! - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
“No wait! You’re underage!”

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6978 - playing - undies still on the stage - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
playing – undies still on the stage

Of course, they had to upgrade from keytar to guitar for a couple songs — but NOT for Less Talk More Rokk. Curious, since that song is on Guitar Hero, they had a guitar, they played a guitar.. But not for that song.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6980 - playing - guitar - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
This might have been when they played Get Ready 2 Rokk from Guitar Hero 1.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6981 - audience watching - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
audience watching
There were actually a lot of girls at this show — I was next to a super-hot, tall elven chick, Carolyn, a redhead behind me, and a few other girls nearby. But for some reason, they didn’t show up in my pictures. It wasn’t as much of a sausage fest as it looks here.

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6983 - playing, audience - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR
The audience loved the show, and knew every song!

It was great seeing some Guitar Hero songs performed live… In fact, I’ve now seen six songs from Guitar Hero performed live. Five of them by the original bands. (Good luck seeing Dead Kennedys:Police Truck live, unless you’re seeing Agent Orange cover it!)

Less Talk More Rokk

20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6985 - playing encore - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

The encore had some different background graphics that weren’t used during the main show.
20081010 - Freezepop @ AnimeUSA - 169-6986 - playing encore - please click through to leave a comment on FlickR

And then…. The most unexpected cover that I’ve ever seen in a concert?

The Final Countdown
WTF?!?! This is really happening?!?!
Yes, it is.

Freezepop covered Europe’s The Final Countdown for their 2nd-to-last song. It was their only cover. Liz Enthusiasm’s voice really shined during this song, as it was sung in overdone 1980’s style, and not her normal muted/mellow synthpop singing.

Afterwords, the room became a rave. So we didn’t leave for awhile. Sat on some chairs. Watched the people come in and out. Once the lights dimmed and the raving started more, we walked around and checked out some of the various panels and rooms at the con. There were still people everywhere.

At the autograph booth, Sean T. Drinkwater saw my T-Qualizer shirt and asked if I had gotten that out of his suitcase — which I think was his way of saying he liked it.

Since we already paid the extra $15 [each] for a 3-day AnimeUSA pass, vs. the 1-day AnimeUSA pass …. We came back the next day, bringing actual CDs for them to autograph. It was funny because we didn’t know where to go, were looking at a sign, and I was reading it out lout, going, “It says: 2PM. Freezepop”. And then Liz Enthusiasm popped up 1 foot from Carolyn and I was like, “O HAI!”, and Jussi (her real name) was like “I don’t know where we we’re supposed to go!”  That was kind of entertaining.

We hung out at the con from about 1:30-5:30PM Saturday. We had every intention of being there at 11AM for the Freezepop Q&A session, but going to bed at 4-5AM is not conducive to deciding to actually get up in response to a 10AM alarm clock.

I would have more fun at these things if I could get as drunk as some of the people there, and not have to drive. But rooms @ $125 a night are kind of rough on the wallet. A taxi home would be cheaper than a room, especially considering we paid $8 for parking on the 2nd day anyway. Plus gas.

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