No, the camera wasn’t broadcasting to anyone other than to our own room.

We had been hanging out, and definitely were not sober at this point.

Mark I had a lot of fun playing with our webcam + microphone, which were hooked up to our 36-inch TV + 100W stereo. So this was blaring through the room at the time.

It was running through some software that lowered the pitch (among other things).

This could be described as “painful through the first half, annoying through the 3rd quarter, and just plain strange through the 4th quarter”. It gets more interesting at 50% and at 80%.

The first half is just him making really long noises. At around 50%, he has to stop and go “Whoo”, cause he tired himself out. Then he starts repeating “Satan” and “My name is Satan” over and over. Around the 80% mark, we get the the very end.

The very end is why we all remember this 6 years later. Mark started singing randomly. I was in the background messing around with a guitar and had commented about how a particular guitar string was a good string. Mark heard this and incorporated it into his song. He started singing, “That’s a good string”, over and over, reaching the final climax of, “Don’t you knowwwwww that’s a good ….. STRIIIINNNNNNNG!”

Um, yeah. You probably had to be there. In my basement. In 2002.

But it’s still nice to have moments preserved.

UPDATE!!! I found another old video that couldn’t be decoded. After aggressively trying with various tools, ffmpeg managed to convert this “cjpeg” video to mpg4, sans color and sound. It’s from even earlier – 2000. Here it is:

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