After this, I’ll only have one more old watching list to post, and then I will be caught up to 2008. But expect a new list of shows in January :)
Cartoons listed first, then live/reality shows.

When people suggest stuff to us, I often say that our plate is full in terms of watching stuff. Know that not only did we watch everything in this post in 2004, but we also watched 94 movies. :)

Perversion For Profit – 1950s-era anti-porn propaganda; wikipage has quotes and summary



  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Drawn Together – the best new cartoon! I had an idea for an animated reality show, and this show popped up about 6 months later!
  • Father Of The Pride – the animated Siegfried & Roy are HILARIOUS! Soooooo over the top, an obvious parody of themselves … One of our favorite new shows this year. CGI + TV-14 animation + primetime = a unique endeavor destined to fail.
  • Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law – one of the most insane shows currently in existence
  • Home Movies – still good. Metalocalypse fans: This is what Brendon did before he created Dethklok. The main character is voiced by Brendon Small, who is also the Dethklok singer and writer.
  • Invader Zim – some season 2 eps we hadn’t seen before. A great series, cancelled prematurely!
  • King Of The Hill – occasionally funnier than The Simpsons. That’s said.
  • O’Grady – only on “The N”, a local network to NYC, made by Soup2Nuts of Dr.Katz and Home Movies, this was a cool show about a high school where something surreal happens every episode. For instance, one episode, everyone simply forgets what they are doing constantly. It’s called “The Weirdness”, and people are used to it. Sometimes the weirdness could be inatimate objects talking to everyone. It changed every week.
  • PowerPuff Girls – finally…new ones
  • SeaLab 2021 – as crazy as ever!
  • Simpsons – still very watchable
  • South Park – still the best!
  • Tripping The Rift – amazing new show! Nice to see TV-14 toons comiung from new channels.
  • Venture Bros., The – hilarious new show, a Johnny Quest spoof of sorts
  • Wrong Coast, The – claymation newscasting…5 eps or so


  • He-Man (2002-2004 new eps) – seems over, dammit, it was good stuff. The He-Man cartoon re-done in post-2000 animation quality is one of the BEST REMAKES EVER in terms of HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the cheesy original.  Often times remakes suck; this should have continued on into the Snake Men days, but it didn’t…
  • Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Justice League Unlimited – retooled series is just as good as the first 2 seasons
  • Samurai Jack – finally…new ones. Just about the best action cartoon ever
  • X-Men Evolution – noooo, it’s over! and only hints of the Phoenix this time. I want another Dark Phoenix saga like in the 1990s FOX X-Men series, damnit!  The X-Men movies already ruined that too.
  • Zeta Project: #22, #25, #26 – finally saw the missed ones and the “finale”. This was a spinoff of Batman Beyond, which itself was a non-canon spinoff of the Batman cartoons.


  • DNA2:Metamorphosis – episodes 1-3 of a failed anime series, accidentally got dubbed instead subbed…. WORST… VOICE…ACTING… EVER… “I’ve got to get out of here and fast!”
  • Great Teacher Onizuka – better-than-average anime
  • Pet Shop Of Horrors – episodes 1-4 of 4… abruptly inconclusive
  • Reign:The ConquerorPeter Chung – Alexander The Great past-but-futurelike cartoon, neat looking but kind of a let down with a typical anime cop out ending.


  • SPECIAL: Claymation Christmas – Will Vinton, with the California RaisinsMark I watched this with us and was livid about seeing California Raisins again.
  • Gerald Mc Boing Boing (1950s) – Hellboy dvd extras…. um……… yeah…. one had a trippy moment…kinda… Why is this on the Hellboy DVD?!?!?!

CARTOONS: RE-RUNS (stuff we already watched)

  • Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes:TAS – encoding some rare eps for internet guy who sent me eps I’d never seen
  • MTV’s Downtown – #7,9-10 – definitely one of the more impressionistic MTV cartoons. Check out my review of it. The only way you can buy this is through animator Chris Prynoski’s blog.
  • Spicy City – #1-#6 (all) – 1997 HBO Ralph Bakshi 6-episode gritty sexy futuristic series–messed up future



  • Arrested Development – just about the only good NEW live show this year
  • Friends – will be greatly missed but finally Thursday night is free again for the 1st time in aeons… since before Cheers????
  • Malcolm In The Middle – always want to resist watching another episode, but always end up laughing at what I watch and realizing that, yes, I love this show, even though it’s… <shudder>… family.
  • That 70’s Show – Donna as a blonde!?!? bad move.
  • Good Girls Don’t: #1 only – …wasn’t that great…


  • Carnivale – interesting, but a conclusion would have been nice. Every episode was inredibly addictve, great, and well-done. That being said, I would strongly recommend NOT watching this show, due to the fact that they did not finish their planned story ark. If you want to be teased with 2/3rd of a story that NEVER finishes – go ahead and torture yourself.
  • 24 – still going strong, yet this season was the weakest ending ever
  • Smallville + backstage interviews special – getting better each season
  • Six Feet Under – one of the most poingnant shows I’ve ever seen


  • My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss – watched episode #1, entertaining but not worth the time it takes to watch — like most reality shows
  • Simple Life, The – all of Season 1 – damn these chicks (Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie) are absolutely devoid of any and all redeeming qualities
  • Swan, The – VERY impressed with how much hotter they made all these plain chicks.
  • * see also: Drawn Together: the first ANIMATED ‘reality’ show


  • Gilligan’s Island: Unaired Pilot – different theme–terrible compared to original, Bunny instead of Maryanne, differnet Ginger and professor
  • Mr. Show (various episodes) – best sketch comedy since Kids In The Hall!
  • Michael Moore: The Awful Truth
  • That’s My Bush: #5
  • SPECIALS: David Cross: Pride Is Back – stand-up comedy
  • SPECIALS: David Cross: Let America Laugh
  • SPECIALS: Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle (about the tiger attack) – Clint finally learns which is Siegfried and which is Roy…Carolyn says “If I had known you didn’t know I would have told you!” We were inspired to watch this by watching the Father Of The Pride cartoon, which almost had it’s production halted after the tiger attack.  This is also the origin of your favorite S&R quote… “You’re doing it, Roy!” — Siegfried giving Roy corny encouragement as Roy re-learns how to walk.

…Plus tons of weird random clips and such that we forgot to log…

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