movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] The 2nd of the 4 Revenge Of The Nerds movies. We decided to watch all 4 movies in a row. While Revenge Of The Nerds 1 got a 6.2 on IMDB, #2 only gets a 4.1.

PEOPLE: Most of the main actors from Revenge Of The Nerds 1, but Anthony Lewis is barely in it at all. (He is replaced in #3, and not featured in #4 — just like Wormser.) Apparently he broke his leg in a chess match :) Stan Gable, Takashi, U.N. Jefferson, and even Betty do not appear in this one, but appear in #3 and #4. But Courtney Thorne-Smith? Yes, surprisingly, she is in this movie because the actress who played Betty didn’t like that the script made her a cheater. And of course we have Curtis Armstrong — who’s done everything from The Terrible Thunderlizards of Eek! The Cat fame, to Moonlighting, to American Dad. He is the only main character to remain throughout all four Revenge Of The Nerds movies, other than lead nerd Skolnick. (James Cromwell always has a bit part as the dad.)

QUIRKS: NOT rated R. It’s basically the same movie as Revenge Of The Nerds 1, except they go to Florida, and it isn’t as good. A lot of the same formulas are used — as it should be in a comedic sequel. They even say “We’ve got bush!”, except this time it’s about [highlight for spoilers] marijuana plants instead of female anatomy. They have a song — which sounds slightly more modern … But it’s simply not as good as their song in #1, where the electric violin played an obvious part. They still lose their “house”, which is their Florida hotel in this movie. They still throw a good party. They still deal with Alpha Beta. Ogre still plays a prominent part, but [highlight for spoilers] his transformation into a nerd — while pretty damn funny — is very unrealistic. But these movies aren’t about realism anyway.

BAD STUFF: Some of the humor just isn’t as funny. It’s a typical sequel.

CONCLUSION: Me and Carolyn both found this to be about 75% as good as Revenge Of The Nerds 1. That’s not terrible. If you like something, being able to have 75% of it again is pretty good. Generic pass: 3 stars on Netflix, 6 or 6.5 on IMDB.

RECOMMENDATION: If you liked Revenge Of The Nerds 1, you should really see Revenge Of The Nerds 2.

MOVIE QUOTE: Snotty: “To truly hock a loogie, one must not retrieve the phlegm from the throat, but from the soul.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Nobody Netflix‘ed this. But there is a combo dvd of Revenge Of The Nerds 1 AND Revenge Of The Nerds 2, as well as the failed TV pilot, deleted scenes, and other extras. It is called the “Panty Raid Edition”. Grab it on Netflix.

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