movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] We’re up to movie #3 out of 4 in the Revenge Of The Nerds franchise. The last 2 are made-for-TV. The IMDB rating for this one drops to 3.1 (and then to 2.8 for the next movie).

PEOPLE: We still have Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine) and Booger (Curtis Armstrong). Betty (Julia Montgomery) returns to the franchise, as does supreme douchebag Stan Gable. Stan Gable is now recognizable as Ted McGinley, a.k.a. Jefferson D’Arcy, Marcy’s gigolo from Married With Children. We did not recognize him in Revenge Of The Nerds 1. Also returning are U.N. Jefferson and Gilbert, but Gilbert is only in it for a few seconds, and is no longer played by Anthony Edwards (who went on to do E.R. instead).

QUIRKS: We have a whole new set of nerds during this movie; it has been 8 years since Revenge Of The Nerds 1, so the original nerds are all grow’d up. Lambda Lambda Lambda now has a traditional, ritualistic hazing — and the hazing scenes were some of the funnier scenes in the movie. “Heck week” is when you are not allowed to use your computer for a whole week, as part of pledging. (Oh, the horror!!) They also accept female members, as any social organization resisting the establishment should. We still have pranks from Alpha Beta, only in this future — [highlight for spoilers] most of Adams College is nerds, and Alpha Beta are the outcasts. They actually wish they had some Alpha Beta nerds at this point. But that doesn’t stop Stan Gable from being a douchebag. He’s still mad that Lewis stole Betty from him in Revenge Of The Nerds 1. They do lose their house at one point.

BAD STUFF: This movie was significantly worse than the sequel. More humor fell flat. There was more than one song, and the collective good of all the songs do not even stand up to the song in Revenge Of The Nerds 2. Lewis Sklonick became a [highlight for spoilers] douchebag sellout who tried to pretend he wasn’t a nerd. Instead, he was a self-hating nerd. But at least he was married to nerd-lovin’ hottie Betty. The way the conflict resolves — [highlight for spoilers] a nerd strike — is also a bit contrived.

CONCLUSION: Only about 60% as good as Revenge Of The Nerds 1. (Revenge Of The Nerds 2 was about 75% as good.) The franchise is dying, and you can definitely feel that it is a TV movie — no thanks to seeing this in fullscreen format and not widescreen. Most of the original nerds are gone.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are a completist fanboy like me — then you still must see it. If you’d like to see how Lewis turns out when he grows up … Or hot Betty in a hot tub (if only for a few seconds) … Then maybe you should watch it for that. It’s also great to see Jefferson from Married With Children play a character that is basically a moron cop. Some moments of the movie, however, are downright painful. Although this still gets a “generic pass” rating of 3 stars on Netflix for us, I would IMDB this somewhere around 5.5 if I could. It’s a bit more than a neutral 5.0 — but barely. Now we have to watch Revenge Of The Nerds 4…

MOVIE QUOTE: Booger: “You don’t eat meat! You don’t do drugs! What’s wrong with kids today?”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Nobody saw this, and probably nobody ever will.

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