movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Finally, our request of all Revenge Of The Nerds things comes to it’s near completion. We still have to get the new Panty Raid Edition of Revenge Of The Nerds 1 & 2, which includes the failed TV pilot. That should be some campy fun for a later date. This movie had the ultra-low IMDB rating of 2.8. For those who have been paying attention, here is the IMDB ratings for Revenge Of The Nerds movies #1 through #4: 6.2, 4.1, 3.1, and 2.8. For Netflix stars, it was 3.8, 3.0, 2.7, and 2.6.

PEOPLE: Corinne Bohrer joins the cast as Booger’s bride-to-be. I’ve always liked her strange form of weird attractiveness. The Gilbert character is completely gone. Stan Gable, played by Ted McGinley (aka Jefferson from Married With Children) and the Judy character (Laurel Moglen in the TV movies) now only exist as marginalized characters in cutaway scenes. This one pretty much focused on Booger, his bride, and Lewis Skolnick.

QUIRKS: I wish I had the scratch-and-sniff cards that were supposed to be sniffed at certain points, or the 3-D glasses (?!?!?!). According to the wikipedia page for Revenge Of The Nerds 4, that was a promotional gimmick they used when this made-for-TV movie originally aired.

GOOD STUFF: There was still some humor in seeing a stuck up rich family have to deal with nerds being in their family. It was a different dynamic than the jocks hating nerds being in their school. Imagine a guy who contributes to the Republican party having to deal with nerds at functions where he’s trying to raise campaign money! That’s a unique situation in the Revenge Of The Nerds franchise. So there were new forms of awkwardness to explore. Unfortunately…

BAD STUFF: It was definitely the worst Revenge Of The Nerds movie. As if anyone expected otherwise. It’s the first one that could be classified as a romantic comedy, instead of a straight/non-romantic comedy. That’s bad too. A lot more of the humor fell flat, and the plot simply wasn’t as funny to begin with.

CONCLUSION: This was worthy of its low IMDB rating, and only contained, at most, about 40% of the humor of the original Revenge Of The Nerds movie. At least a few of the various characters that were missing from movies #2 or #3 are still in this movie: Betty, Ogre, Lamar, Takashi, and U.N. Jefferson.

RECOMMENDATION: If you made it through 3, you should make it through this. A non-completist, non-fanboy should probably stop at Revenge Of The Nerds 2. But Carolyn & I follow through. When we’re into something — we march to the very end, no matter what. It was kind of sad for it to all be over — but at the current rate of decline, Revenge Of The Nerds 5 would have been HORRIBLE.

It’s also too bad that the remake that was being planned in 2007 has now been canceled!

MOVIE QUOTE: Mr. Skolnick: “How’s my unborn grandson?” / Lewis Skolnick: “You mean you’re unborn fetal son?”

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