November 2008

Remember George Orwell (aka Eric Blair), writer of 1984? He’s one of my biggest heroes.

A guy who hated fascism, and wrote about humanity’s increasingly-growing “infection” of fascism; an infection which threatens us all. (Note that in his works, you could not cooperate yourself out of the fascism found in 1984 or Animal Farm. Violent resistance was really the only thing left to do.)

People who use Google Reader may recall that I had previously shared an item about George Orwell‘s blog. But I’d never actually bothered to blog about it. So I’m going to mention it now!

It’s pretty cool. They use George Orwell‘s actual diary. They set it on a 70 year delay. So, for example, since today is Nov. 30, 2008 (20081130), his blog would post his diary entry for Nov 30, 1938 (19381130).

The irony is that right now, his life is really boring. Basically all he “blogs” about is how many eggs he got from his chickens, or what crops are in bloom, or how much the animals cost here. Lots of agricultural stuff. The real exciting stuff wont start happening for a couple years I guess.

So anyway, many entries are simply, “One egg.” And that is it. Sometimes, “Two eggs.” At this point, I finally started noticing there were like 15 comments on the “one egg posts” (a “one egg post” is gradually starting to become a figure of speech of mine for something way shorter than it should be).

People are pretty funny. I like that they bothered to comment about “one egg”. After a “two egg” day, people talked about Fibonacci sequence conspiracies. Or people would complain, “this post is tagged ‘egg’, but not ‘one’!”. If chickens could think, I wonder what these now-long-dead chickens would think about their eggs one day becoming conspiracy theories in blog-comment conversations?

Anyway, today took the cake. Someone actually found a letter by Orwell (something NOT from his diary/blog) that related to the one egg posts and posted as a blog comment. Jesus Christ. People are frickin’ weird. And I love it.

Anyway, here is a link to today’s “one egg” post, with strange comments:

By the way — It says something about you as a person, if you can write 2 words about your animals, and have 15 people around the world discussing these 2 words 70 years later…. (more…)

(Summary written by Carolyn, pronouns changed by Clint, this may be messy..) So we saw They Might Be Giants at the 9:30 Club on the day after Thanksgiving. The show was sold out. The 9:30 Club website didn’t mention an opening band. It said doors were at 8, and TMBG was at 9. So we decided to leave at 8:15, then changed it to 8. Carolyn remembered last year when she went with Vicky & Kipp (Clint went to see Ween in Baltimore instead). There was a line to get into the doors. Since the show was sold out, we’d have to find a parking spot. When we got to the 9:30 Club, we found the lot indeed to be full. As we were driving around the block, we considered going to that other paid parking lot for a split second — until the guy running it blinded us with his stupid light. Fuck that. That’s twice we’ve chosen not to park there because of the light in our face. The line to get into the 9:30 club went around the block. We drove up to the end of the line, and Clint asked the people if they had tickets. The answer was yes. Clint had a hard time believing it, and asked a few times, until I was like “yes, they have tickets, it was just like this last year!” One of them was like, “It’s a sold-out show” So we turned around and parked in the last spot. I commented, “At least we don’t have a long walk from our car to the end of the line”. Small consolation. It wasn’t as cold this year as it was last year when Kipp, Vicky, and I stood in that line. Still, you’d think that a club that says “doors open at 8” would not make it’s paying customers stand in the cold for 2.5 blocks of line, advancing 6 squares of sidewalk every 3 minutes, a full 45 minutes past when these doors were suposed to open. 9:30 needs to send the hand-stamp guy down the line so everyone is stamped already when they present their ticket. This would move the line a lot faster.

Not sure what time we got in, or what time it started or anything. We got in, went to pee, and then when I got out of the bathroom, Clint was like “it’s really crowded in there.” I said “Well, maybe we should go in this way…” and then Clint suggested we go upstairs. So that’s what we did. We went up to the top level to the bar up there to get our drinks and then scope out a spot. Clint was like “Look, they have the stairs roped off so people could stand on them.” But it was a VIP area. But it was convenient because I got to have that spot right there by the rope at the top of the stairs, and I could actually see. Yay. The upstairs bartender made our drinks really strong. It was cool.

When TMBG came on, they said they were doing things a bit different. They were going to play Flood in it’s entirety, and then take a 20 minute break that would last about 19 minutes and then come back and play other songs. It was awesome.

Someone farted a couple of times, and Carolyn got a whiff of some bad breath a couple of times, but all in all, there weren’t any annoying people around.

During the 20 minute break, Caroln asked Clint if we should get another drink. Clint said something about driving so I said, “Well, considering TMBG is in my top ten, if not top 5 bands, can I get another drink and you drive?” Clint said “Get two drinks.” Carolyn got drinks while Clint held their space. Some pour soul was standing at the bar, and Carolyn squeezed in next to him. The bartender came around with the other guy-next-to-me’s drinks and pointed at me and said, “Two vodka 7-ups, right?” and Carolyn was like, “yeah!”. She turned to the poor soul and said “Wow, he remembered! I’m impressed!” Then Carolyn came back and told Clint about how the bartender remembered her, and what drinks she had ordered before. Carolyn glanced back at the bar, and that guy who she had squeezed in next to was still there! The bartender hadn’t even served him yet! She felt somewhat bad because that usually happens to her instead of someone else. But we got over it pretty quick — the drinks were really strong.

They played a bunch of songs, then went out, and then came back for an encore. So there were like 3 sets. 4 actually, but the last one was only 1 or 2 songs. The encore consisted of Fingertips. They also played She’s An Angel from the first album. Mark had said that that is a popular song, and they’ve probably played it at concerts and I just didn’t know that song. So, when they played it, I thought of Mark and how he was probably right about that. Also, they had a lot of fucking around during Particle Man. But it wasn’t boring fucking around (like Violent Femmes can be). However it was definitely the requisite musical masturbation moment (RMMM).

TMBG mentioned several times that they were playing the next night in New York, and they were playing the entire Apollo 18 album. Carolyn said to Clint she was glad we got the Flood album. Flood is way better. And we got all 21 tracks of Fingertips anyway! Tho it was kind of strange that the ended with Withered Hope (“sad saaaaack”), one of TMBG’s few sad songs. It was kind of a stranger bummer note to go out on. But hey, they went on stage FOUR times.

After the show, Clint was hungry, so we were looking around for some place to eat, and he was like, “Maybe we can go to Adam’s Morgan and get one of those jumbo slices.” I was like, “You know how to get to Adam’s Morgan from here?” Because I sure didn’t. Then Clint said, “Oh wait, didn’t that place burn down or something?” As it turned out, there was a jumbo slice place right on U St near 14th street, so we ate there. Clint got a gyro, and I got a jumbo slice of pepporoni. I knew to expect a big piece, but that piece was HUUUUUGE! It was like a half of a pizza almost!! It was crazy. I ate about a third of it, and about three bites of Clint‘s gyro. Clint ate his gyro, and the rest of my pizza (and regretted it). Carolyn kept starting to wrap it up for later, and Clint kept telling me to wait. Until it was gone. When we got home, we chilled awhile, and then watched The Life And Times Of Tim.

The setlist for this concert was considerable, and we know much of it. It is is posted HERE.

To see every concert I’ve ever been to, go to my List Of All Concerts page. (more…)

 movie cover
[IMDB link] [Netflix link] Gregg Araki‘s 7th movie, and his most optimistic, now that he is done with his Teen Apocalypse Trilogy (Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation, Nowhere). Yet despite its optimism, this controversial movie still only garnered a 5.1 on IMDB (3.2 stars on Netflix). (Factoid: I had forgotten that Araki also directed the amazingly-funny stoner movie Smiley Face, starring Anna Faris.)

PEOPLE: Gregg Araki directs. Kathleen Robertson (aka Clare Arnold from Beverly Hills 90210, also in Psycho Beach Party, Nowhere, and Scary Movie 2) plays the leading lady/main character. The two dudes are played by Matt Keeslar (Psycho Beach Party, Scream 3) and Johnathon Schaech (How To Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog, The Doom Generation). And… another movie with Adam Carolla in a bit part?!?!?

QUIRKS: This is a movie about polyamory. Most of Araki’s movies have some kind of sexual quirk — usually a gay character, as Araki himself is gay. This one is polyamory. This movie is not really focused exclusively on the sexual act of the threesome — like National Lampoon’s One, Two, Many — but rather on the three-way emotional interplay involved in a polyamourous relationship. And that’s really the focus of the whole movie.

BAD STUFF: It’s not a comedy? But the situations are so interesting that you might be smiling anyway.

GOOD STUFF: Finallya movie dealing with non-traditional sex that does it right!

None of the “everyone’s lives goes to shit / it doesn’t work out because they have sex not approved by the moral majority” — something that annoyed me about Boogie Nights; Kinsey; National Lampoon’s One, Two, Many; and pretty much every other movie I’ve seen that might involve threesomes, the porn industry, or non-traditional sex and relationship structures.

[highlight for spoilers] …And a happy ending! In an Araki movie, no less! A happy ending that the moral majority might not approve of — MAJOR SPOILERS NOW — she decides to permanently stay with both men in a 3-way relationship, after becoming pregnant. The credits feature a scene of a baby looking up from a crib at its mommy and two daddies — who then start taking her clothes off. They drop the the floor, out of the baby’s view. The end. Everyone’s happy. And in a way gay-marriage-hating people are bound to hate!

CONCLUSION: Taboo happiness is far more entertaining than normal happiness. Good stuff!!

RECOMMENDATION: If this were a movie about a guy and a girl… I would think it lame, and not want to watch it. But this is a movie about 2 guys and a girl. The situations are far more unique. I think this is one of Araki’s best movies. It should definitely be seen by the sexually/romantically close-minded/prudish/religious — just to make them writhe in their seats a bit and see what they could be missing. We both liked this!


Eve & Chris: “So, we weren’t crazy about Splendor because the alternative lifestyle didn’t really play into the plot at all. She could’ve been with one semi-unemployed guy instead of two and would have had the same plot. So it was neat that they had that arrangement, and I bought that the one guy moved in becuase the other one did, but the main conflict was about the rich-stable guy, and really, the triad was irrelevant to that exchange. // So I think that’s a pretty big one for us, and we like Seeing Other People better, because it was ABOUT lifestyle stuff.”

COINCIDENCE #1: (Splendor, Brutal Massacre: A Comedy) 2 movies within a week that had people going to the hotel room 333 (half of 666!).

COINCIDENCE #2: (Splendor, Just Friends) 2 movies in a row with scenes where characters romantically involved are talking to each other in a public place that has large screens where, on those screens, are the same people talking to each other.

COINCIDENCE #3: (Splendor, Wasted) 2 movies within a week or so that both unexpectedly had Adam Corolla in a small part.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj loved it.

“Thanksgiving Prayer” by William S. Burroughs

Thanks for the wild turkey and
the passenger pigeons, destined
to be shit out through wholesome
American guts. (more…)

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