Remember George Orwell (aka Eric Blair), writer of 1984? He’s one of my biggest heroes.

A guy who hated fascism, and wrote about humanity’s increasingly-growing “infection” of fascism; an infection which threatens us all. (Note that in his works, you could not cooperate yourself out of the fascism found in 1984 or Animal Farm. Violent resistance was really the only thing left to do.)

People who use Google Reader may recall that I had previously shared an item about George Orwell‘s blog. But I’d never actually bothered to blog about it. So I’m going to mention it now!

It’s pretty cool. They use George Orwell‘s actual diary. They set it on a 70 year delay. So, for example, since today is Nov. 30, 2008 (20081130), his blog would post his diary entry for Nov 30, 1938 (19381130).

The irony is that right now, his life is really boring. Basically all he “blogs” about is how many eggs he got from his chickens, or what crops are in bloom, or how much the animals cost here. Lots of agricultural stuff. The real exciting stuff wont start happening for a couple years I guess.

So anyway, many entries are simply, “One egg.” And that is it. Sometimes, “Two eggs.” At this point, I finally started noticing there were like 15 comments on the “one egg posts” (a “one egg post” is gradually starting to become a figure of speech of mine for something way shorter than it should be).

People are pretty funny. I like that they bothered to comment about “one egg”. After a “two egg” day, people talked about Fibonacci sequence conspiracies. Or people would complain, “this post is tagged ‘egg’, but not ‘one’!”. If chickens could think, I wonder what these now-long-dead chickens would think about their eggs one day becoming conspiracy theories in blog-comment conversations?

Anyway, today took the cake. Someone actually found a letter by Orwell (something NOT from his diary/blog) that related to the one egg posts and posted as a blog comment. Jesus Christ. People are frickin’ weird. And I love it.

Anyway, here is a link to today’s “one egg” post, with strange comments:

By the way — It says something about you as a person, if you can write 2 words about your animals, and have 15 people around the world discussing these 2 words 70 years later….

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