Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

So, we saw the comedy act of Stella (ex-The State members) last nite, after being big fans of their 10-episode show, as well as their even-funnier Shorts that were released before the show. IT SUCKED A LOT.

Yes, I understand the concept of general admission. But when you’re hosting an event at a frickin’ synagogue, you can’t sell EVERY seat. YOU CAN’T SEE THE STAGE FROM 50+ SEATS. We showed up a bit late (50 minutes after doors opened), but the line still went around two corners. Yet upon getting in, there were no seats where you could see the stage. We managed to find a place where 2 people could sit, and I could manage to see the BACK OF THE HEAD of ONE of the 3 members, only if other people’s heads in front of me didn’t move.

Some other people walked out, and we moved to their seat. If I sat on the back of the pews (ass pain!), I could actually see the top of all 3 peoples’ heads. But my ass could only handle that for 5 minutes out of every 30. Standing got similar results, but we still couldn’t see the sreen behind them. You know, the screen where they show videos that they talk about? The screen used for 10-30% of their act. Never saw it. Not until the last bit, when more people walked out to beat the crowd.

The only time a venue has ever disappointed me more is with Ram’s Head Live and their false advertising for Danzig‘s show as being “Classic Songs By The Misfits“. But at least that was on the marketing side, not the logistics side. The Stella show was a logistically disaster.

I called the venue, but not before I mistakenly spent 30 minutes trying to deal with the assholes at Ticketmaster. I’m also more convinced than ever that the people who actually buy tickets are the *least* of Ticketmaster’s concern. I “liveblogged” my phone experience (see below). I’m also going to report this to the D.C. Fire Marshall. People were sitting on the stairs everywhere because of how overbooked they were. You screw me, I screw you.

Anyway, the people at the synagogue were at least a bit understanding. They would not give me a refund, but Carolyn & I now have two free will-call tickets for the unannounced Feb 2nd Tim And Eric show at the synagogue. I couldn’t be more excited. But I wont believe I was actually put on the list until Feb 2 when I call. And if I wasn’t, it may be too late to buy a ticket. So they will either screw me twice (if they make me miss Tim & Eric), or once. Free tickets for Tim & Eric means that I paid once for one actual show, but still had to drive up there twice and lose two evenings. That still counts as screwed over in my book. Phone log below. Stop reading now. (more…)