I hit 500,000 blog views today.
I hit 400,000 on 5/24/2008. (27 days past prediction)
I hit 300,000 on 2/13/2008. (1 day before prediction)

So, 300K-400K only took 3.5 months, but 400K-500K took over 6 months. Growth has definitely been down (see monthly stats image below) since I stopped naming bad cops by name, timed with Bad Cop News going offline. Apparently there are people out there hungry to hear about police abuse, but such stories get self-censored out of mainstream media a lot. And there was definitely a drop when I started reviewing movies, as a lot of these peopel were probably coming here for police news, not movie news. But this is “Clint’s blog”, not “Abuse of authority blog”, and as such will follow my whims… Movie reviews are here for at least a few months, because I schedule them every 5 days and have written them out past March of 2009.


I stopped trying to predict when the next 100K hits would occur. I was only 1 off in my 300K prediction, but then things got all wonky. It took 6 months to get my last 100K. It will probably take another 6 mos to get my next 100K, meaning I’ll get 600K in June of 2009. We’ll see. I really should monetize this; I’ve made a good $20 in the last 3 months on my non-blog static site HERE, which doesn’t even get new content. But I can’t get money for my wordpress blog because wordpress hosts it, not me. I did, however, recently get an advertising deal that should net me $10 every month without me really doing anything other than asking for the $10. Nice.

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