Saturday, December 6th, 2008

I’m hearing a lot people say, “providing a certificate of live birth should not be enough for Obama to prove he’s eligible for president.” What with, you know, the big stink being made about if he’s really an American citizen. The one thing these people are right about is that, yes: The constitution specifics you have to be a born citizen to be president. Period. There’s no exceptions, and if you think there should be, might I recommend Arnold Schwarzeneggar as our next president? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

But anyway, my whole problem with these people is the way they have shifted the burden of proof onto Obama to prove that he IS a citizen. What if his paperwork is lost?

I guess if you lose your irreplaceable paperwork in a fire or something, you lose your constitutional right to become president, since you can’t prove it?

I would say any rights you have as a citizen fall under the “innocent until proven guilty” concept. He should not have to prove his citizenship. Someone should have to prove he was a citizen/born elsewhere. I’m not disagreeing with their basic investigatory concept of wanting to know the truth here; I’m disagreeing with where they are placing the burden of proof: Onto Obama, who is essentially a defendent in this.

I lost my papers and found out myself — ther’es NO FUCKING WAY to get them back. Your state will gladly let you spend $55 on a Live Birth Certificate, but it is a useless document that WONT get you a social security card, which you need to get a driver’s license if you lack other papers. And you can’t get a driver’s license without the right id either – including social security card. If your’e missing it all, too bad for you. You’re a blank. Fortunately I had applied for a passport, so 6 weeks later that came back. Until then, there was NO recourse. I felt like Tuttle being enveloped in newspapers at the end of the movie Brazil. They wouldn’t let me drink. I couldn’t get into some clubs, despite being in my 30s. I would have had to pay lawyers to figure it out for me. If I was homeless I’d probably stay that way because I’d never be able to get the paperwork to be eligible to hold a job again.

Did I lose my first amendment rights to free speech? No.
Do I lose my constitutional rights just because I lost my papers? No.

I’m all for not letting him be president if he’s not a citizen. I’d love to see the Democratic party go down in flames for that. But the burden shouldn’t be on Obama to prove himself innocent anymore than I should hvae to prove I’m a citizen to excercise my free speech after losing my papers.

If they can prove he was born outside of the country, though — more power to him. But Obama shouldn’t have to prove anything himself. His citizenship wasn’t in question in the past. And the system currently considers him a citizen, which means he has those rights, even if he doesn’t truly deserve them. At that point, it’s innocent until proven guilty. He shouldn’t have to furnish shit. Someone else has to furnish proof that he was born elsewhere. So bring it. (more…)

So I realized we had no idea what our new (a few months old) bathroom faucet that we picked out at Home Depot was. Poor diligence on our parts to not even keep the box or proof of purchase or anything. I took some pictures, went to the website, set my default image zoom to 260%, and opened every faucet they had with my characteristics. Finally, I figured it out. I want to buy a replacement aerator, so I can scratch the hell out of mine taking it off with a vice-grip, so that I can install the faucet illuminator I got at thinkgeek:

^ You have to click. They prevent hotlinking.

OH MY GOD! THAT’S MY FAUCET! I was not expecting that. That’s an incredibly huge coincidence that ThinkGeek‘s image for this faucet illuminator just happens to be using the EXACT Moen faucet we bought. Incredible. And now as of writing this sentence, I’m 100% sure this can be done. But the reason we got this new faucet is that I ruined the aerator on the last one trying to do this exact same thing. We probably just needed a new aerator, not a whole new faucet. But this one has a MUCH higher spout, which allows me to wash my hands without having to bend over. Which means on severe bad back days (which I get less and less, almost 3 yrs after my injury) I don’t have to sit on the side of the bathtub like a cripple to wash my hands.

So anyway, I figure out which faucet is mine: Moen #84292. I figure out the part number for the replacement areator, 3939. But the website says you can’t buy the part. WTF. This was just sold to me in 2008! So I leave them web support mail, which promises a response 2 business days later. This was on Wednesday. I get my response Saturday. Does that count as 2 business days later? I don’t think so. 2 business days went by without a response. It’s not hard to do email support. I did it for 2.5 yrs. And their response indicated they clearly had not read and comprehended my complaint. Which is very typical. So I wrote them this response, which I decided to save here, primarily for myself (stuff in bold was stuff that I made into a font 3 times as high to mock their ineptitude):

Dear Moen Support — especially Jef,

I wish you had taken the time to properly read and comprehend my original complaint. But you didn’t. You failed at providing the support your “valued” customer needed, leaving me in the exact same situation I was in before mailing you.

In my original email, I stated that the problem is your site says that part is not on sale. And what was the solution you provided? To tell me to buy the part online at the site. Did you not hear me just say the website says the part is not on sale?

Here’s an idea: If you run an email support desk, why don’t you read the emails you are allegedly reading. I ran an email support desk for 2.5 yrs and would never have been caught dead with such a poor response.

Here is my original complaint, with emphasis added:

‘Comments: Hi. I just had this installed at February. Bought it brand new from Home Depot. I’m trying to remove the aerator to put a faucet light on — you might not have heard of these, but they illuminate the water. Anyway, I very well may scratch it when doing this, and want the replacement, part 3939. But your site says it’s not on sale! I don’t understand how I’m supposed to live the rest of my life with a faucet that I can’t replace the aerator on. ): Please advise.
Reply By: Phone- Yes, please contact me by phone if necessary’

Okay. Attempt number two.

Read my complaint again. Read it properly.

I’ve stated the problem is that your website says the part is not on sale. In case you still can’t understand this, I’ve included an attachment of a screenshot of your website saying this.

So, once again, I am asking: HOW DO I BUY PART 3939? I NEED THIS PART. (more…)