Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I just want to put this thought out there to all those who think about the life, the universe, and everything.

I submit that:

Even if the ARE an infinite number of universes — This *still* does not mean that everything that could possibly happen will.

“But.. But… INFINITY! That means everything!” Well no, not really.

Are odd numbers infinite? Yes, they never run out.
Are odd numbers every integer? Nope. They’re only 50% of all integers. Even numbers make up the other 50%. Some infinities are bigger than others. Some infinities do not include *everything*.

Infinity does not necessarily connote everything. Just because there are (if you believe) an infinite number of universes — does not mean you were married to Angelina Jolie in one of them. Sorry, fanboys (and girls). (more…)

tracks of unknown status, recovered from last harddrive crash: 3,725

fresh new tracks i haven’t renamed or done anything with yet: 1,404
tracks renamed and ready for processing (normalization/edits): 5,531
tracks processed, ready to tagging: 10,946
tracks tagged, ready to be assimilated: 124
tracks assimilated: 18,193

tracks assimilated that i don’t mind hearing (“changer” playlist): 11,517
tracks that I consider “recent” (“changerrecent” playlist): 2,431
tracks that I consider recent and unlearned (“changerrecent to learn/CRTL” playlist): 621

On a good day, I can learn 5-10 songs a day. At that rate, my unprocessed new music could give me 10 new songs for 4.4 years. But in reality, I don’t spend every day learning new songs, and some songs are less catchy than others and take weeks to learn.

The music I have on my harddrive would likely continue to keep me entertained with occasional fresh music for at least 10 years — even if the music industry ceased to exist today.

As always, my music stats are available on my page. Including my chart of what I’ve listened to the past 3 months. (more…)

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] After watching the godawful Avengers animated series … It was nice to get a hold of another animated interpretation of The Avengers. ANYTHING would be better than Avengers – the worst comic-book-to-animation adaptation of the past 20 years. It’s amazing what 7 years can do. This was SOOOO much better.

CHARACTERS: The cast isn’t really the hilight of this; it’s the characters: Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man / Giant Man, The Wasp. The Hulk and Iron Man are especially well known these days, after having 3 feature films (2 Hulk films + Iron Man) about them. Captain America has been the subject of several Made-For-TV movies as well. And Ant-Man and The Wasp were very prominently featured in the awful Avengers animated series. And of course we have some of the minor characters, like Betty Ross, Nick Fury, and the Black Widow.

PEOPLE: Olivia D’Abo (aka Karen Arnold from The Wonder Years) played one of the villians. Some popular voice actors such as Dee Bradley Baker were employed, but for the most part, more minor/less-known voice actors were chosen than expected.

QUIRKS: Thor is hilarious! Nick Fury thinks he’s a “few cards short of a deck” because he “believes that source of his powers it that he is a Norse god”. But they still use him because his powers are undeniable. Thor pretty much ALWAYS has a beer in his hand, and is actually walking around carrying a keg of beer near the end of the movie.

GOOD STUFF: We get to see Captain America fighting in World War II in 1945. We get to see him “resurrected”, and having to face the character development of finding out it is 50 years later, that the love of your life is now an old lady, that everything you knew and loved is now gone.

We get to see Bruce Banner struggling with keeping himself medicated so that he doesn’t become The Hulk again. And he is working on the super-soldier syrum that made Captaion America. In fact, he [highlight for spoilers] double-crosses the army, only doing enough research to develop a super-soldier syrum for HIMSELF … Which he then takes, and becomes the GREY (not green) Hulk. Comic aficianados should remember that the Grey Hulk is a “good hulk”, has Bruce Banner’s personality, and no anger. He, of course, helps save the day.

We get to see Iron Man struggling with trying to avoid joining the Avengers. Giant Man slaps him down like a fly, and Iron Man gives them 10 seconds of his time. They ask for help, and he refuses. Of course, he eventually comes on board and helps save the day!

CONCLUSION: This was really good. Each hero was shown as an actual three-dimensional character — a human being. Many of the issues that the characters must face in the comics are faced in the movie. It’s no surprise that an Ultimate Avengers 2 was commissioned around the same time. This was good. This represents the “new wave of superior mid-2000 comic-book-to-animated-movie adaptations”, which also includes Justice League: The New Frontier and Superman Doomsday — though I liked both of those films a bit better. I thought that good superhero animation was going to go on haitus when Cartoon Network’s Justice League series died; I’m glad I was wrong.

RECOMMENDATION: Animation lovers, superhero action lovers, Iron Man lovers, Hulk lovers, Captain America lovers….. All must see this. This is good. Not stellar, but good.

MOVIE QUOTE: Giant Man (about long-haired Thor): “Who’s the chick with the hammer?”
Iron Man: “Whoever she is, I’m glad she’s on our side.”
(Hilarious that they didn’t even know the gender of their own team mate!)

COINCIDENCES: Right after watching Avengers:TAS (1999) and this Ultimate Avengers movie, we then went on to watch an episode of The Venture Bros. where they talked about Ant Man and featured a shrunken down scientist somewhat based on Ant Man.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj loved it. (more…)