Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Okay. The devil is in the details, I guess. Last year’s “An Evening With Gene Ween” show consisted of 30 songs, 28 of them Ween songs, with the other two being unknown (covers?). This year, we all assumed it was the same thing, but this was “Gene Ween Band”, and as such, they played some songs by bands other members were in.

Basically, this was nothing like last year’s Gene Ween show at For Theatre. I was expecting the same. I was expecting, more or less, a Ween show. As has been the case.

Instead, we were disappointed with a bunch of songs we didn’t know. Though there were indeed some hilights and Ween songs played…

They played “The Stallion Part 4” and “So Long Jerry” — a song about Jerry Garcia dying… I was so happy to hear it that I thought it WAS a Grateful Dead song for awhile until I came out of my stupor and remembered this was an off-album Ween song I downloaded a good 5+ yrs ago–Just like The Stallion Part 4 [and 5]. And that the Grateful Dead couldn’t have a song about Jerry Dying because it wouldn’t be a Grateful Dead song without Jerry. Duh. They also played the rejected “Greg The Bunny” theme, as their encore-closer. “Mountains And Buffalo”, one of my least favorite Ween songs, was also included. As was “Mr. Sandman”, the 1950s song. And a kick-ass cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”. Which was, sadly, the highlight of the show for me.

All in all, of the 8 times I’ve seen Ween (counting the “Gene Ween” and “Gene Ween Band” shows, but not counting The Moistboyz show) …. This was the worst. Drat.

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