movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Of course we watched the sequel! Duh!

PEOPLE: The writers of the first movie are finally allowed to be the directors during for second movie. Director Danny Leiner (mostly a nobody, but he did get a special thanks for Melvin Goes To Dinner) is out.

QUIRKS: They were going to release this straight-to-video, but decided to do a theatrical release. Amnesty International encouraged members to pass out flyers to people in order to ensure they are aware of the treatment and abuse that goes on in Guantanimo Bay — treatment that continues unabated to this day. But the best humor is irreverent, so you just have to set politics aside and have a good laugh.

CONCLUSION: Oh. My. God. Harold & Kumar #1 was pretty much the movie that made me laugh the hardest the year I watched it. This movie has so far claimed that title for me in 2008. We watched this with Greg & Nicole and they seemed to laugh non-stop as well. The George Bush scene was incredible! This movie basically continued on in the exact same spirit as the first movie: An epic stoner adventure full of insane people, crazy characters, and even crazier circumstance. And yes, there’s a girl/romantic angle too. And a nemesis that is a true douchebag. I mean… They do sooooo much in this movie. Airplane emergencies, bottomless parties, escaping from Guantanamo, KKK bonfires, driving halfway across the country, messing up relationships, and more!

RECOMMENDATION: Watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you didn’t see the first movie, you can STILL watch this. It’s not an ongoing saga; just another adventure. You can watch the 2 movies in whatever order you want.

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MOVIE QUOTES: George W. Bush: “Trust the government? Heck, I’m in the government and I don’t even trust it.”
Neil Patrick Harris: “Did you see that unicorn? Its horn was so shiny…”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Carolyn & I loved it. Greg & Nicole certainly seemed to while watching it with us. Christian D, Metinee, and Benj all really liked it. Melanie B and Evan G liked it. I’m surprised I was the only one to rate this 5 stars. I’m not sure how much funnier a comedy can be.

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