I had several people tell me I was the first person they ever knew who recorded real music on their computer. Before mp3s existed, before WAV files existed – I recorded a VOC of The Descendents song “I Like Food” (which happens to only be 16 seconds, and was pushing the limits of the technology at the time — mainly harddrive space).

But before that, I recorded 2 VOC files of high school friends. One includes my friend Mark W strongly encouring the listener to suck the poo from a girl’s butt. It’s gross, and he goes on. But this guy… Well, he was obsessed with that stuff, so it’s really funny. The other is my friend Scott McNett saying, “Don’t touch me!” in a neurotic voice. I think. I’m not sure actually. I haven’t been able to play these files for a good 12+ years.

I’ve tried opening them every which way with CoolEdit. I’ve looked for VOC converters. I’ve had 16 years to fail at doing this.

Can anyone help? Convert it to WAV, MP3, anything other than what it is? Maybe there are some digital sound engineer hobbyist experts out there?

Anyway, here are the files:
VOC file 1
VOC file 2

And for the random people out there that don’t know me… First off, why are you reading this? Second off, I’ll PayPal you $5 if you are the first person to convert this for me.

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