UPDATE: This does have a happy ending (see comments), I did get the shirt. But not from Zazzle.com, or the internet. With respect to custom shirts: Fuck the internet.

And guess what happened? After spending 1.5 hours designing it on Zazzle.com, my shirt was rejected for using copyrighted images. Namely, a poster for the movie. A cover of a book containing photos of the movie. And 3 snapshops from the movie, as well as a promo black-and-white snapshot not from the movie. Which I painstakingly removed the sky from so that the corner would blend seamlessly into the shirt.

Oh I’m sorry, I can’t print a t-shirt with copyrighted images for myself? I forgot we had to protect the “artist” who took this picture 50 years ago, from the “theft” by Zazzle daring to make a profit with their “property”.

Does anybody seriously believe the guy who drew the poster for a 1959 movie is still getting royalties from this movie? This movie airs on TNT and is on Netflix. Plenty of people can watch the movie without purchasing any of these copyrighted pictures. Nor are there The Tall T shirts currently being sold by anyone.

It isn’t about protecting revenue streams for the artist. There’s no revenue stream to protect. Show me The Tall T shirts I can buy — I don’t see them.

This is about corporations wanting exclusive control over anything where money changes hands.

By the way — I post all my stuff under Creative Commons where people can use it, even for commercial purposes, even with modification. Cause I’m not an asshole. Nor do I expect to get royalties everytime an appliation I wrote code on runs, or everytime anybody uses anything I ever created. I expect to get paid… (drumroll)… when I go to work and work.

*Post delayed until after Christmas to not spoil Dad’s surprise. I’ll probably have to make the shirt with no fucking images instead. Goddamn ASSHOLES..

Click the image to see the proper-sized version:

And to the conservative public reading this: please save your arguments for the existing system for someone who gives a rat’s ass. The system is fucked and actually stops innovation. Right now, Zazzle could make money off printing this shirt. But instead, in the name of protecting the artists revenue stream [that doesn’t exist], NOBODY makes money. It’s generally good to let people make money. If the artist who made these original images wants to, he could sell these shirts via the web. But he doesn’t. Funny how patents expire allowing other people to use the “intellectual property” that was created, but copyrights only get extended longer and longer, not allowing other people to use THAT intellectul property.

I guess depriving people of art doesn’t strip them of as many rights as depriving them of the latest inventions, so there’s less backlash. So I have to make up for other people by adding some backlash of my own: Fuck the system that doesn’t let me make a christmas present  for my fucking dad.

All of this hell could have easily been avoided by not being forced to give people gifts annually in a tradition stolen from peaceful pagans by violent christian fascists. Doing all your shopping for the entire year in the space of 2 weeks is unnatural.

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