So sometimes I think about sexonomics, and how in the sexual playing field, a female is a treasure, and a male is worthless. And it often goes back to testicles: Males are generating sperm that needs to be emptied, and thus it becomes a basic bodily need — at the base of Maslow’s triangle, along with food and shelter. Women? They don’t have any sperm to hold back.

But then I wonder if it’s deeper than that. A vagina is a hole, and a penis is the opposite. They’re meant to be together. But who needs who more? Does something that can have something stuck in it need something stuck in it more than something that can be stuck in something needs to be stuck somewhere? I’m leaning towards no.

Then I think about hardware, and male vs. female jacks. All stereo receivers, TVs, iPods, etc have tons of female jacks just waiting for something to be inserted in them. Yet have you ever seen something with every jack plugged (shut up Glen)? How often is the microphone jack in a computer plugged? Or the headphone jack in your home theatre station? Do you use every available input on all your devices?

Very unlikely. And that’s okay. The female jacks don’t need to be plugged in.

Yet if you have a pair of headphones with a male jack — There is an expectation that you’re going to use the headphones. They’re going to be plugged in. They need a jack to be plugged into.

And the cord that connects your guitar to it’s amp? Male on both ends. It needs to rock out with its cock[s] out.

So there you have it. Sexonomics in the hardware jack world is analagous to sexonomics in the real world. It had not yet occurred to me.

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