Thursday, January 1st, 2009

[UPDATE: The problem stopped a few hours later; I simply used my non-wireless keyboard during the interim. Never did figure it out.]
unsure how
i managed
to remap
all the
keys on
my keyboard…why
does a
space now equal
enter AND
space? why
does hitting
my control key
open the
calcultor?? it’s
not setpoint,
it’s not
girder. what
else is
even capable?
is this- some_obscure_windows
accessibility feature?

the- 2nd- keyboard- either–guess
reboot (more…)

When people suggest shows for us to watch, I often say that our plate is full in terms of watching stuff. The list below is what we watched in 2008, but the list of shows that we own and still need to watch is even longer. And meanwhile we’re watching a TON of movies. We watched 193 in 2008 (42% comedy, 20% high def, 10% animated). We also watched dvd-extras during every dinner we ate. So this list of shows is just what we watched in-between the 193 movies and 365+ meals worth of dvd extras we watched. :) (more…)