Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Does anyone remember the great American genocide? Where we systemetically killed almost an entire race of people (the Native Americans) and then took their land? We then moved them to “reservations” (which are glorified concentration camps) where they are exploited to this day? (We performed forced sterilizations on them in the 1970s. Some reservations have a life expectancy of only 44yrs, with an unemployment of 85%.)

Did anyone know that the God, Jesus Christ, Christianity, Catholicism, and Pope were a big proponent of the cultural attitudes that created this? It was considered “colonizing”. The missionaries were doing the work of God by spreading Christianity, and enslaving non-Christians, while taking their party:

From Indian Country Today:

Documents from the 15th century, such as the papal bulls, show the papacy played a role in the genocidal onslaught that affected millions of indigenous people on the North American continent. In 1455, for instance, Pope Nicolas authorized Portugal ”to invade, search out, capture, vanquish and subdue all Saracens and pagans” along the west coast of Africa, enslave them and confiscate their property – which set the tone for European interaction with the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

Now I have to ask — How is the Israel/Palestine situation any different? We have Jews that lived in Europe for centuries. Then Hitler came and killed a bunch of them. So they left. But they went to Palesetine (Jersusalem), because their silly religion says that is their holy land.

But there were already people living there — their whole life.

What happened to those people?

Like the American Indians, they had their property taken away from them, in part due to attitudes fostered by religion.

Like the American Indians, they had their land taken away from them, in part due to attitudes fostered by religion.

Like the American Indians, they had their sovreignity taken away from them, in part due to attitudes fostered by religion…

Like the American Indians, they had their lives taken away from them, in part due to attitudes fostered by religion.

Like the American Indians, they now live in reservations/concentration camps, with a lower life expectacny, higher unemployment, and less medical care.

You’d think the Jews would learn from their own oppressoin, but it appears all they learned was how to dole out the same medicine they took in the 1940s.

I guess this helps explains why my half-jewish grandfather, who liberated my jewish grandmother from a nazi labor camp after storming Normandy on D-Day, was still a racist to his dying day, denying my sister entry to his house because she dared to marry a black man.

Two wrongs do not make a right, and even people (or nations) who have fought for a good cause are often oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

It seems the very people involved in doing good during WW2, and stopping Hitler (which we only did after Japan attacked us; had Japan not attacked us it would be another Rwanda that nobody hears about) …. Did not actually learn any more lessons from it.

Killing people, occupying their land, taking away their rights — just because you are one religion with different attitudes than the other — just because your religion tells you that you have a greater claim to their land than the people currently living there do — is not right.

We’re lucky the American Indians didn’t have access to rockets and strap-on bombs when we genocided them in the colonial days, and that America was a relatively empty land at the time. If we had been densely populated like Israel, and had the technology existed in the colonial days — I have a feeling the American Indian/White American conflit would have been an exact mirror of the Palestinian/Israel conflict.

Maybe that’s why we support them so much?
Maybe we see ourselves in them?
Maybe having to declare Israel wrong would mean having to declare America wrong as well?

Maybe people dont’ want to think about how the Native Americans are STILL being oppressed 200+ years later.

Maybe the Palestnians have history books too, and know that after 200 years of lying peacefully submissive, the American Indians are still an oppressed people. So why should they wait around 200 years? Why should they sit there motionless, and not fight back, when history has shown that people oppressed tend to stay oppressed? *Especially* when it’s for religious and/or racial rasons.

I don’t know.

One thing I do know: The violence they perpetrate (over 3000 casualties in the last *WEEK*, 25% children, with depleted uranium being found in the wounded) is only made possible via the American Taxpayer. Your money goes to hurt other people in the name of God. After all, God is the only reason why the Jews felt like they had to have Jerusalem/Israel anyway.

It’s sad how people are fighting wars without even realizing that their religion is the cause of them.

It’s even sadder that Democrats, who are supposedly anti-war, voted in Obama, who appointed Rahm Emmanuel (son of a murdering pro-Israel terrorist himself; his father was a member of Irgun, an Israeli terrorist group that committed terrorism against arab people). In other words, expect no “CHANNNNGEEE!” or “Hope” for the Palestinian people. I voted for Nader who would have withdrawn all support from Isreal. I don’t want to see the Jews there killed, but you also don’t steal a whole country from someone. And 60+ years passing by doesn’t suddenly make it right.


You wont be hearing about this through american news sources…

Contrary to Israeli war party propaganda in the US, not all Jews and not all Israelis support Israel’s half-century-long Nazi-like conduct in the occupied territories (where members of my college friend’s civilian family were killed by Israeli bombs most likely manufacturered by America, and where he had to grow up occasionally drinking urine due to lack of power).

This simple fact is probably the single most censored piece of news in the United States.

Here are some young people heading to prison (mulitple times) because they won’t join the genocide.

You can support these brave kids here: Visit:

Did anyone ever stop to think that Israel is a big bully here? They only exist because we fund their military. They are the only country to out-spend us per-person (but not total) in military spending. And they have MANDATORY CONSCRIPTION. In other words, when you turn 18 — you HAVE to join the army.

Can you imagine being forced to go to Iraq? Can you imagine how much more violence America would foist upon the world, if every 18-year-old kid had to join our army? We’d have an army 5X the size we do now. We would trample any country that doesn’t tow our official line. Which is more or less what we do anyway — did anyone read the list of coups sponsored by America over the last 50 years that I recntly posted? So anyway, Israel only has the manpower to occupy a country for 50 yrs due to forcing it’s own citizens to commit violence whether they want to or not.

Drafts are evil. It’s nice that some people stand up to them. Unfortunately, they can’t just go over to Canada for a few years. They go to jail instead. And when they get out of jail and don’t join again? They get re-charged, re-tried, and go to jail again. And again. And again. One of the people in this video is already supposedly serving their 3rd 50-day sentence. Israeli prisons are probably not nice places to visit repeatedly.

So there you have it. In Israel, your choice is to help oppress people, or be oppressed yourself. As a free country that rejected it’s own draft, how can we support this? (And as long as we vote for Republicans and Democrats, this will NEVER change. By the way, Nader does not believe in funding Israel. But some people think that I shouldn’t vote for him because Obama is “closer” to what I want. But he’s not. Obama will be an improvement over Bush, but so would my asshole if I were to surgically remove it and swear it into the Oval office.) (more…)