movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] After watching several National Lampoon films … We are now basically on a quest to watch several more. They’re great filler, and we typically laugh, are entertained, and see hot chicks too. This particular movie received a deceptively low IMDB rating of 4.1/10 (only 219 votes), while only getting 2.1/5 stars (2700 votes) on Netflix. But “people who rate like me” give it 2.8 stars. So it seems the majority of people didn’t like this movie. We happen to think they are wrong.

PEOPLE: For the most part, a bunch of nobodies wrote, directed, and starred in this, with a few exceptions: Jane Seymour plays a bit part — as the 2075 president announcing that she’s lost all hope for the first time in her life. “Buster” from Arrested Development also makes an appearance, as an on-screen commentator about the “historical” events depicted in the movie. Cannibal Sue (Jamie Bullock) was also in a tiny part in one episode of Arrested Development. Daniel Baldwin — the only Baldwin brother to not win a Razzie — is also in this. Now I’ve seen exactly 1 of the 85 projects he‘s worked on :) The main character, writer/director/star Kevin Wheatley, looks slightly like Jack Black; the glasses-wearing robot looks slightly like John C. Reilly; and the cult leader looks slightly like John Waters. If this were an A-movie, those would be the people cast.

QUIRKS/SUMMARY: The first National Lampoon movie we’ve ever seen that feels more like a Troma movie than a National Lampoon movie. I actually forgot it was National Lampoon while watching and was convinced it was a Troma movie while watching it.

It’s a low-budget, post-apocalyptic, dark comedy, futuristic propaganda video (think: twisted History Channel), “produced in the mid-2100s”, about the “historic” events of 2097.

This is mock piece of historical fiction from the future — if that makes any sense. In the libraries of the future, this movie is a historic documentary video that you can check out explaining how the heroic Founding Fathers (who were actually clueless bumbling idiots) helped create New America in 2097 after the nuclear apocalypse of 2075. The main character is a Kennedy descendant, accompanied by his two alcoholic robots (who look like people). One of these heroes just so happens to also be a female cannibal named Cannibal Sue. These people are revered as American heroes.

90% of the movie takes place in deserted landscapes; a post-apocalyptic America where few exist other than the clueless Tex Kennedy, his robots Yul & Quincy (built in 2042, before Tex Kennedy was born, they spent 19 years straight doing nothing but drinking), a group of violent douchebags led by an ultraviolent savage dork, a violent sociopath, various holdout survivors in hiding, and of course the whole Satanic Beach Party Cult at The Threshold Of Hell (Pensacola Beach) led by a man who seems to be the charismatic embodiment of Satan himself … If Satan reminded you of what John Waters might look like as a used car salesman wearing a white suit. Oh yeah — one of Fidel Castro’s descendents shows up and teams up with Kennedy, at times politically mocking America Vs. Cuba.

The other 10% of the movie are the narrators of the documentary video, explaining how important these events are to the modern day U.S. culture of the 2100s. (As noted above, one of them is Buster from Arrested Development!)

Did I mention there is a cult of immortal Satan worshipers? (Sort of.) Or a battle at the top of a radio tower? Or an animated sequence, because there’s no way a movie with such a budget could film a huge underwater beast and not look terrible? (It was actually much cooler that way. Movies don’t need to take themselves ultra-seriously to be good. Though it helps.)

This movie is definitely fresh. In a good way for some, in a bad way for others.

BAD STUFF: Low budget and a bit cheesy. But the humor offset this waaaay more than a usual movie of this type. This may appeal to Carolyn & my particular sensibilities of humor, because a LOT of people did NOT like this. It almost looks like it’s too low-budget to be a B-movie. It almost looks like a C-movie. Except the narrator parts, which look more well produced. So perhaps, this is what they were going for. Who knows.

On Netflix, 36 people bothered to write reviews. 4 gave it 4-5 stars. 29 (that’s 88%) gave it 1 or 2 stars! 0 gave it 3.  The people who hate it really hated it!

On IMDB, however, 17 people bothered to write reviews. 50% rated it a 9 or a 10s. 70% rated it 8 or above. 80% rated it 7 or above. Only 11% (2 reviews, a 3 and a 1) rated it below a 6.

So this movie seems to be polarizing among those who have opinions, and it seems to depend on the crowd of people as to whether it’s liked or not.  The IMDB-reviewer crowd has a different view than the Netflix-reviewer crowd. (Discuss?)

CONCLUSION: Me & Carolyn really liked this, and are eagerly awaiting the planned sequel. I gave it 4 stars on netflix, and 8 on IMDB (though 7.75 might be more accurate). I shall watch this again sometime. This is probably the highest I’ve ever rated a movie that looks so poorly produced and badly acted. But I think a lot of it is on purpose.

RECOMMENDATION: I can’t really say if someone reading this would like it or not. The movie seems to polarize people. If you like Troma, and AdultSwim — go for it.

Judging from the numbers above, if you review movies on IMDB, you may like it. If you review movies on Netflix, you probably wont.

If you could sit through Mad Max 1 without thinking about how slow and awful it is (especially with them dubbing over the Australian with non-Australian-accent English), then you certainly could make it through this movie. It’s fresh. It’s different. But the low-budget look might be so off-putting that some people would be tempted to turn it off 10 minutes into it. My advice would be: Don’t.. Treat this like a comedic Mad Max 1.

Cannibal Sue
: “Do we have any food?”
Tex Kennedy (who looks like Jack Black): “We might, okay? We might… But it’s not gonna be human flesh! You gotta learn to eat something different.”
Cannibal Sue: “Just anything. I’m starving.”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Nobody’s seen it–but it is available on Netflix.

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