Sunday, January 11th, 2009

This is the first mouse found in the house for almost 2 years! After previously having dealt with animals in my house (19 mice, 5 raccoons, 2 snakes, a bird, and a squirrel in a 10 year period), I’m pretty used to the occasional critter. I’m not used to feeling almost ill in bed because I don’t understand why I can’t sleep. It turns out that was because Oranjello and Lemonjello were chasing a mouse around. I finally realized this when I heard a ton of squeaks, which is not a normal sound to be hearing while laying in your bed. I woke up and they were chasing it back and forth and it was squeaking. I don’t care if the mouse dies, but I don’t want a bloody rotting corpse where I can’t reach it behind the bed or the radiator, in our closets, etc. etc. So I had to get up and deal with it.

Well. It’s kind of hard to cach a mouse. They move too fast and they’re kind of gross and I don’t particularly want to touch a wild mouse; wild ones can carry viruses and such. (Though the cats are free to touch them as much as they want, they’re evolved for the task.)

I got up, clapped the light on, closed my closet to it wouldn’t run in there, laid down a hard pillow so it wouldn’t run behind the bed. It tried to. I had to sweep it up Jai alai style (with what I thought was a paper towel, but turned out to be a piece of junk mail–I was sleeping!), randomly tossing it away from the bed. Lemonjello didn’t realize this, but Oranjello saw where it went and grabbed it. THIS TIME HE WOULDN’T LET GO. I shook him, grabbed his legs and smacked his head lightly to make him drop it, but to no avail. And I wasn’t going to grab the mouse out of his mouth… Gross.

I got a laundry basket, as with mice it’s best to sweep things up with a bucket or plastic casing or some-such object that you can “scoop” it into. It’s really the only watch to cach them. But then Oranjello would NOT let go. Finally I’m grabbing Oranjello and putting him into the basket, and he is growing non stop. I’ve never seen a cat hiss with it’s mouth full, but he managed to hiss while holding the mouse in his mouth. It looked like his teeth were going into it. He would NOT let go.

Finally I just scoop him up in completely, and put him in the laundry basket. We have this purple step — a 1-foot wide/high step that we use to reach hard-to-reach places and for painting and staining wood and such. I put it on top of Oranjello. Now he was sandwiched — laundry basket all around him, and purple step on top of him. Mouse still in his mouth. I took the whole “mouse-attached-to-cat” package downstairs and locked them in the utility room. The step is only 1-2 lbs, so the cat’s going to make his way out of the laundry basket eventually…Carolyn, you may need to hose off the laundry basket or something when you get back. Maybe they’re mouse blood/cooties on it.

For all I know the mouse escaped under the utility room door and me locking the cats in there with it actually prevented them from finishing it off,a nd it’s pregnant, and the babies will poop in my silverware drawer (that happened 2003ish, and sucked a LOT to deal with; nothing like taking out every drawer and disinfecting every surface in your kitchen). I don’t know. Hopefully it’s dead. Hopefully it’s corpse isn’t going to make a smelly rot we can’t find. Hopefully the kitties are hungry enough to eat it. They’re only getting dry food via automatic dispenser (and sraps from my meals) while Carolyn is skiing. Oranjello certainly seemed like his life depending on keeping the mouse, and I’ve seen Samhain swallow a mouse whole like a snake, so maybe they just miss the canned food Carolyn uses. Maybe Carolyn should stop feeding them the canned food so that their lust for fresh meat (canned meat is far closer to fresh meat than dry food!) is directed towards mice instead of our wallet.

Anyway, mouse incursions have been down lately. We encountered 14 in the 3-yr period of 2002-2004 but have only encountered 4 for the 4-yr period of 2005-2008. Here’s hoping having 2 hungry cats keeps mouse poop off my silverware and cooties out of my mouth!

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2002 mice:5
2003 mice:4
2004 mice:5
2005 mice:0
2006 mice:3
2007 mice:1
2008 mice:0
2009 mice (so far):1 (more…)