February 2009

Not quite a nightmare, but an intense dream fueld by playing QuakeLive (which I encourage everyone to join) for 4+ hours before going to bed. Basically, I was playing some ultra-realistic political survival horror video game. Literally, I spent time in this game simply talking politics to people at a house I was in. War broke out. It was more or less a genocide of people with particular political affailiations. I managed to barely escape the house, but then had to hide for 3 days in another house. The wife was sympathetic, but I was not. At one point, I had to hide on top of a tall cabinet (they had cathedral ceilings) and simply hope that the husband didn’t look up.

I forget what happened, but I managed to cover a whole room with blood. I remember it taking me a good 5 tries to figure out the command to wipe the glass coffee table clean of blood. And it took 2 executions of that command to get it completely clean. As for the carpet, I managed to get the blood out just enough that you couldn’t see it, literally 5 seconds before the husband got home. I had to jump out of the room because it was too close of a call to simply run. But the blood was not detected.

I remembered thinking about how this was the most involved and realistic game I’d ever played; almost like living a nightmare. But much cooler. Becuase it was a game. (more…)

I got the Marvel “1602” graphic novel for Christmas this year. It is Neil Gaiman’s first comic series in a while. He was just about to start a project, then 911 happened. He didn’t want any planes, skyscrapers, or guns. So he moved all the Marvel characters to England/Europe in 1602.

The result is very interesting. Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom, The X-Men (headed by Carlos Javier), The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man (who has no powers as Peter Parquagh), even Uatu The Watcher is featured in this. And The Watchers interfere, for once! It’s rare, but when all of creation is threatened, they interfere so that they still have something for watch.

It’s 8 comic books converted into a hardback grahpic novel. Excellent artwork — I really think digital painting has vastly improved the quality of comics, though purists will always disagree. I’m sorry, but old comics look amateur compared to today. Digital painting, gradients, and such, vastly improve how cool everything looks.

The story is decent. I read the first of 8 parts one night, then read all 7 parts in a row when my prescription kept me up all night. It took about 5 hours to read it all.

Good stuff. My comic reading has been on hold for years. A nice side-effect of pneumonia is not being able to sleep, getting bored, and wanting something light to read that wont give you a headache.

This was just what the doctor ordered. (more…)

Since everyone loves piercings and modifying their body so much… Couldn’t people just get closeable metal studs installed straight into their fatty tissue? “Lipo-holes.”

Then, you could just go up to a liposuction vending machine, open up your whole, plug in, and get instant lipo whenever you want. And the fat could be harvested for cancer preventing stem cells (a new development — our guts may very well save us). Or it could go to Taco Bell.

Food for thought? (more…)

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